Before My 30 Day Challenge

Before My 30 Day Challenge

Going Swimming (I’m going to need some abs added on that tummy)

Hey Everyone!


Racks All In One Gym

Small Duffle Bag

2 10lbs of Rice Bags

Duct Tape

Now, if you don’t wanna spend $99.00 on The Racks All In One you can go to the Goodwill and buy a walker. Lol! Yes, seriously it does the same thing.  I like to save money, trust me I use coupons for everything so anyone that Bodyrocks  knows you also need a sandbag. Instead of spending anywhere from $39.99 to $119.00 you can make your own like I did by using the rice and wrapping it in duct tape to secure the bags. The duffle bag will be what you will use to hold the rice in for lifting, do like I did and take off the shoulder strap and just use the hand one. I will be writing in this section of the blog as much as I can to keep you all updated , and post pics at the end of each week. Don’t be too shy to send me some words of encouragement people. My goal is to be 125 by November 24,2012. Can I do it? YES I CAN!!! I will be attaching pictures of the equipment below and of me now. Tomorrow will be my day one, and maybe I’ll even attach workout clips if  I don’t look too much like a punk!

Thanks for the support!

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Starting Weight-141

Goal Weight-125 By 11/24/2012

Start Date- 9/24/201230 Day Challenge

End Date-10/24/2012


Juicing and 1200 Calories Intake per day