Curls Up and Down

Everytime I look in the mirror when I do certain hairstyles I catch an attitude. Why? Um, hello? Did you not notice my sides are shorter than the rest of my head? Yes, it does look like its cut in a style, but that is how my hair has always grown. They say that I can try to get it even by cutting it, but I know even that won’t help. I eat clean, exercise and drink plenty of water so um don’t even suggest that. I believe I’m going to annie up my conditionings, and actually use a liquid leave-in as I use to do. The Infusium 23 my mother use to put in my hair as a child is my go to liquid leave-in, but this time I’ going to do some serious research and try to find a better one. Anyone else going through this as well?


Hair Recipes By Kinkynest

Egg Shampoo for Shiny Hair

Materials needed:

1 large egg

1 tsp of oil (optional)

1-3 tablespoon of liquid castile soap

½ cup of water or herbal tea

Few drops of essential oil (optional)

Small bowl

Mixing spoon

Mix all of the ingredients into a container until frothy. Only make enough for single use otherwise it will solidify and will be of no use. Wet hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and then apply the egg shampoo in sections. Wash hair as usual. Rinse with cool water.

This is a fairly simple recipe and I like the lather that is produced from the mixture. It got my hair clean and left it feeling strong.

Making Liquid Black Soap

There is so much information on the web about African black soap and its benefits so I am just going to list a few and if you are interested in learning more about it please do a Google search. Black soap is used by most individuals to treat oily skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Black soap would also be beneficial to use as a soap for someone who has scalp issues. African black soap can be a bit difficult to use as a scalp cleanser in its original form because the bar soap can be crumbly and at times sticky. An alternative to this is changing the bar soap into a consistency similar to shampoo.

Materials needed:

Black soap

Medium container

Boiling hot water or herbal tea

Mixing spoon

Essential oils (optional)

1-2 tablespoons of oil (optional)

I do not have exact measurements for this recipe because I watched a video on how to make it on YouTube years ago and from then on just would eyeball the measurements.

1.   Take a chunk of your black soap and put into a sturdy bowl or container

2.   Take your hot water or herbal tea and start to slow pour it over the soap

3.   Use your mixing spoon to start breaking up the soap chunk and to mix the liquid

4.   Be careful to not add too much water

5.   Continue to mix until you get the desired consistency

6.   Once you reach your desired consistency add a few drops of essential oils and your favorite hair oil if you wish

7.   Transfer the mixture into an old shampoo or conditioner bottle

If you have preservatives then you should add them at this point (citric acid, grapefruit seed extract etc.), otherwise keep the mixture in the fridge for no longer than a week and leave out for a few minutes before washing your hair.