30 Day Deep Conditioning Challenge 

Hi! Do I have something to share with you all today! This morning I got an email from Strawberry Curls blog stating that she was doing her 30 day deep conditioning challenge again. Man , was I excited. I told you all that this year I was coming back strong on my hair game. I read through all the rules , and was like ” ok , this is what I do anyway “. 

Simply pick one day out the week that you will deep condition, and just do it. Yup ! That’s it. Basically you’re promising your curls to a spa day once a week , lol. Ain’t that cute ? A spa day 😂

She even recommended some deep conditioners you could use or if you already have one you like , you could use that. Since I had an awesome $10 off coupon from Sally’s for my birthday , and needed to pick up some other things I decided to get a deep conditioner. 

I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while , so I was happy to see that they had this big jar for $7.00! 


Next , she did say it would be awesome to get a length shirt. I always said I was going to buy one , because I didn’t like how my diy turned out last year. I will be getting one from a shop I seen on Instagram , but I’m starting the challenge tonight. 

Here’s my hair now  

In 30 days or maybe half way through I’ll post more pics so we can see if we can tell a difference. 

If you would like to take part in this challenge come right on! Message me for complete info or go look her up. I’ll keep you all posted. 


School Curly Style For Little Girls

This morning I decided to give my daughter one bun on each side of the front of her head ,with the back of her curls hanging. The struggle with her is real. My daughter has a head full of soft luscious curls that she loves to get tangled and all packed with lint from playing. SMH. I tend to get a bit frustrated and keep her hair in two strand twist . Today I said let me be nice.



Once the water was sprayed on her hair  it immediately thanked me my becoming soft and clumping with her curls immediately. I added the Aloe Vera Eco Styler Gel by hand by clawing through small sections. I made sure each piece of hair was covered, and then sprayed with my oil mixture.
Let’s see how she returns home from school. I’ll honestly post a update post for you guys. Take care!