Opening The Door To Curlie Greatness

Hi! I’m happy to invite everyone to my blog here on WordPress. I’m not some sort of expert or anything, just your normal everyday, around the way CurlieGyrl. Here I will be discussing my natural hair journey that I started on Dec 13th 2011, and have been feeling great ever since. My last perm was Sept 30, 2011, and right after I had done it, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt lost. Why? Well you see I’ve always have had hair down my back when my mother had taken care of it, but as I grew older I wanted to experiment like the other girls. Yes! Yes! Creamy Crack I ran to, and long extensions that belonged to Singshu, and some Indian girl I did not know about, nor cared about. You can say it was all about looking like the video chicks, and models we saw in our fashion magazines. I went to cosmetology school, and worked in a Korean Beauty Supply all the way through my training. I was in heaven!!! All the weaves, hair coloring, and makeup I could handle. Why hello to the superficial me.

So after years of living that type of hair life, I decided I wanted my natural hair back. I didn’t add any tracks that door nor comb my hair, I just sat with a scarf on for days. I was confused. How do I go natural? What’s the steps to being natural? I was so lost. Cosmetology school only really teach you about styling processed hair, I had to learn all over again, and go back to my roots……literally. I began looking up information on various websites, and decided I could do it. I could actually BIG CHOP! So on that day of Dec 13th I cut all my hair off, and felt FREE!!

I even joined a popular hair forum, CurlyNikki. There I began to talk to other natural women, suggested tips here and there. Futhermore, the best part was when I decided to start my own natural hair group with the women I clicked with the most, we are the FABOLOUSCURLIES!! Which we truly are. So that’s my story to how I became natural. Hopefully some of you can identify with me, and will subscribe. I wish you all well!