Fabolous Curlie Kids Hairstyles!

Here is a two strand twist front, with a top knot done on Type 1 hair. Even though this natural kid’s hair is straight her mom was still able to get the twist to hold. The key to getting the twist really tight is to get as close to the scalp as possible. With this hair style she can easily tie it down at night, and remain cute during play time. I think this is a great style for a natural of any age.



Great job mom! Thanks for sharing!!

Photo Submitted By: Cheryl




Protective Styling Easily Honey!


Yes! It’s that hot that I slapped on me a ponytail extension! I made sure it matches my hair texture perfectly, so honestly no one can tell! You all know how it is, you don’t want anyone knowing it isn’t yours. Lol. Let me stop! So easy peezie, I was dressed and out faster than ever! This is one protective style that I have always loved. My collection of ponytails are out of this world. Had to show you all! Enjoy this beautiful day! FREE