Kinkistry Hair Extensions 

Hi loves!

I’m so excited to bring this product review series to you all! It’s on Kinkistry Hair Extensions!  They have weft hair and clip ins that is very pretty much undetectable as being extensions. This hair is so close to our own curls it’s scary! Scary Good! You can pick between three different hair types. You have Koilistics which is for hair type 3b-3c , you have the Kurlgenics which is for 3c-4a, and lastly the Kinknetics clip ins for 4b-4c hair. Now each set comes in 10-28inches . That’s pretty cool because some companies stop at 22-24 inches. The color of the hair only comes in natural which is okay, because it’s 100% virgin human hair. YES! You can dye it!

The owner whom is Angela Fite’ is very professional , and is superb in customer service. I can’t even tell you how many questions I had , and she even gave me some tips on how to use the clip ins since this is my first set. I’m so happy that I chose this company. The hair is very soft , and it looks exactly like my own hair!

Next I will be dying it , since my hair is a midnight blue mixed with another blue. I will be posting the coloring video next. Please go check out the KINKISTRY . Her prices are reasonable , it’s great quality hair , and you get your merchandise fast. If you all have any questions please feel free to email me as usual @

Go visit the Kinkistry @

That way you can see which texture matches your curl pattern , and if you need any help they will write back immediately to make sure you’re perfect.

I hate to go , because I love talking to you guys , but I have to dye this hair. Talk to you soon! Stay Fabolous! 💋


My Shea Butter Holla!

I received my Shea Butter in the mail among other products from butter and bars today. I was so excited , and happy with their fast shipping. I had just actually placed the order on Friday, and it was her Monday! High Five to them! Anyway, I added a bunch of oils to it and used a hand mixer to mix the ingredients together. Listen, now when I tell you my hair felt like soft butter, I ain’t joking ! First off the mixture was so creamy I was able to rub it down my hair, and it just melted right in. I was too happy when my hair became moisturized instantly! I was like ” oh snap!”  Imagine me in my kitchen doing the dougie, and my kids looking at me like I done went crazy. Priceless. I’m just happy I finally got me a butter, after all this time.

The butter was applied to freshly washed hair, I will tell you about that new procedure I did as well in another post. My hair really loved this, and I did the LOC method on her. My ends feel so great! I definitely will start back doing the Loc method every night like I did when I first big chopped.

 Products Used 

1. Unrefined Shea Butter

2. Almond Oil

3. Rosemary Oil

4. Castor Oil