Sugarpill’s Anti-Socialite Liquid Lip Color

Hello FabCrew!

I have a new cosmetics company that I cannot seem to get enough of . The name of the company is Sugarpill, and you can find them on Instagram to check out some amazing looks done by customers. The lip color that I will be sharing with you all this time around is “Anti-Socialite“.  Anti-Socialite is a super matte blackened burgundy color that loos good on all skin tones. The great thing about this lippie is that it is build-able , meaning that you can control how dark or light it is by applying less or more applications. Here is a swatch of the lip color at its darkest provided by the company

Anti_socialite_lip_swatch pic 4

Now let’s talk facts, because you actually need to know if its worth the price of $18.00. Correct?  Anti-Socialite is said to last up to 18 hrs, and I believe it can . I applied some at 2pm , and it was still on my lips the next day till 6am. Did it dry my lips out? No.  I do apply a lip moisturizer before every lipstick application anyway, which you should do anyway to protect your lips from cracking.  I really do like this shade, and received lots of compliments when wearing it out.

I’ll insert some pics below of  the Fairy look I created using Anti-Socialite. I applied only two coats on my lips in the pictures , to get the dark look posted above you will need three coats. To purchase this color and more visit

Sugarpill Cosmetic Anti-Socialite Lip Color

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Fierce Curly Feature


Hello Dears,

This month’s Fierce Curly is a sista with so much style and confidence, that I had no choice but to feature her. She has the most beautiful chocolate rich skin, and doesn’t let her complexion stop her from wearing all the colors of the rainbow to express herself. (which she does well 🙂 Everyone get to know Sophia!

1.What made you decide to become natural?

I decided to return natural again After I promised my grandmother That I would while on her sick bed.This is actually my third time “going” natural.

2. What sets you apart from other naturals in regards to your style ?

My style is that more of Urban Boheiman Chic I can say. I love to mix and match stylish items from all eras and trends and Rock it. I can be laidback casual, or Boheiman Rock Star the next.

3. What are the three products that you can’t live without ?

Natural Love ButterCreme, Tangles and Beyond Conditioner, and Hairitage Hydration Soft Coconut Marshmallow….And Water if i can add that.:)

4. Would you promote natural hair to younger girls? Why or why not?

Yes. I have actually been teaching a few young teenagers that recently return natural with this last year. It allow them to see their hair in its natural state. It also allow them to embrace the hair and image that as given them at birth and to love that image no matter what. Teaching our young ladies Self-love is always an outstanding goal.

5. What do you love about being natural ?

The Versatility. I can be “straight” one week and then have my curly coils the next. I still can have color(dye) my hair, style, and be creative. Ive been blessed to meet some amazing women on this journey as well. Natural I Will Stay. Im Not Going Back This Time. 🙂


Image Sophia I want to thank you so much for agreeing to do this blog feature. Hopefully you will inspire others to give being natural a chance. Again, I love your styles included your terrific twist outs . Maybe one day you can do a picture tutorial for us. Be Blessed my sista. YOU ARE ONE FIERCE CURLY!! 



Another Hollywood Star Big Chops!


Tia Mowry – Housley big chopped! Now we all know her from playing a twin sister on the git African American Family sitcom Sister Sister,  with her own actual twin sister Tamara.  Let’s not forget their emotional and hilarious reality show that’s on Style Network.
Anyhoo, she decided to try a different look this year, and chopped off her processed wavy hair.  She says to had transitioned for a whole year. I think she looks absolutely fabulous! 
I love the fact that a lot of black Hollywood actresses are embracing their natural hair! Way to go!


Global Couture! My First Company Feature!

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to share with you my first feature of a natural hair company on the blog! I promised you guys more, and I’m keeping my word! Thank you so much to Global Couture! You have beautiful pieces, and I’m happy that you worked with me on FabolousCurlies!

                                                                                                                                                                                          Much Love! 


Global Coutour 1

My name is Patricia and I am the Owner and Designer of Global Couture ( I am originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently reside in St. Louis, MO. During the day, I am a tenured college counselor and full time doctoral candidate completing my dissertation.

How did you get started?

I am natural and love it! I don’t have the exact date I went natural but I believe my last relaxer was 2009. I transitioned with Senegalese twist for nearly two years and finally mini chopped my relaxed ends May 21, 2011.  I decided to ‘go natural’ because I was tired of dealing with breakage and bad hair days from relaxers.

I decided to begin Global Couture 2 years ago, when I noticed I couldn’t find any accessories or natural hair apparel (mainly T shirts) I wanted to wear, that reflected my new consciousness.

Global Coutour 2

What is your current regimen? What three styles do you wear most often?

I co wash (conditioner only) my hair in the shower about 2-3 times a week. When it’s wet, I apply a leave in and gel. I’ll let it air dry and I’m out the door. I try to deep condition at least once a week using the bagging method overnight. The three styles I wear are my afro, my afro, and an afro puff! LOL. I am the wash n go queen and just let my hair do whatever it wants. I love updos’ but I can’t style or flat twist to save my life 🙂

Global Coutour 3

Where do you find inspiration for your brand?

I would describe Global Couture as fresh, diverse, and colorful. Traveling is my passion. I add stamps in my passport every chance I get! I came up with the name Global Couture and logo because I want my brand to reflect fresh, diverse, eclectic beautyand styles; I appreciate from around the world.


Much of my inspiration for Global Couture ( comes from the various natural hair communities (via blogs, natural hair meet-ups, and YouTube) which I so joyously joined nearly two years ago.  Global Couture is an expression of my love for travel, self-exploration, cultural expression, and creativity. Global Couture designs hair accessories, jewelry, & apparel for the bold, chic, and culturally curious. Global Couture is trying to spread the word about embracing your natural hair and its reflection of our history. “Loving your hair represents loving yourself.” Love your curls, if they are wavy, curly, kinky or coily.

Going back to my roots” during this natural hair journey has been truly self-affirming. Through this journey, I fell in love with the freedom, self-expression, and renewed confidence fostered by a simple ‘hairdo’ change. I found quickly it was more than a hair style change, it became a lifestyle change. I began to take more risks outside of the expected and mainstream forms in beauty, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. I believe this ‘mini’ transformation paired with my travels through South American, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean has added to my appreciation for various forms of beauty, personal expression and culture expression.

Global Coutour 4


What is your ultimate vision for Global Couture? Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

I currently sell T-shirts, hair accessories, bow ties, earrings, necklaces, totes, iphone cases, and curly girl mugs. I have over 200 additional concepts in the works for my T shirt apparel and accessory line. You can expect to see those in addition to the 93 products that are now available on my website.  I also have a line of wood, gold and silver accessories coming soon!

My vision for Global Couture is to encourage others to embrace the natural beauty in all of us from the inside-out.  I want to continue to grow my business and expand partnerships with local charities.

Global Coutour 5

Where can we find you online?

Global Couture is sold exclusively online at

I can be reached by email:

Like Global Couture on Facebook, Twitter:@globalcouture1, and Follow on Instagram:@globalcouture, Pinterest: globalcouture1

Global Coutour 6

Making A Sad Face Right Now Shoedazzle

OMG! After receiving a $15.00 credit in my Shoedazzle account , and finding me the perfect pair of booties, guess what!!?? Shoedazzle sent me the wrong size! Before placing orders I always view the reviews made by other buyers so I can know if the shoe runs true to size or not. All the reviews said that it ran true to size, and it was a perfect bootie for your skinnies. Now you all know, I love my skinnies. Without hesitation I ordered mine in a size 7. Here they go right here.




Now these are sexy!  Imagine my face when I pulled them out the box, after stalking FedEx like crazy. I told hubby “Bae, don’t these look a tad bit small?’ He was like try them on. You remember how Cinderella’s step sisters looked trying to force their big ol feet into her glass slipper? That was me. I even ran and got a stocking to see if that would help. No. Then on top of that I see final sale on my order confirmation, no way! It did not say that when I placed my order. The first time I called Shoedazzle I told them I wanted a bigger size, well they said no, final sale. Then I go back in the living room and ask hubby about places that stretch shoes. Next thing I did was check the whole shoe, I don’t know why , but something told me to. 6.5!! They sent me the wrong size! My shoe sticker on the bottom says 7 , the box says 7 the confirmation paper and my order history says 7, but the shoe itself is a freakin 6.5!! Here I am writing you guys in real-time, as I’m sitting in my office on hold to demand my size seven be sent, someone in their warehouse done made me wanna cry. I had my whole outfit and hairstyle pictures for these boots to wear out this Saturday, and I bet now that won’t happen. SMH! It already took these shoes too long to arrive in my book. The order was placed on November 24, and today is December 4th.  I’m not too pleased at all on this matter.




24-7 Style Shop Review

I had the honor of working with 24-7 Style and even made a purchase with the owner Laura myself. I got these funky little earrings that look so cute with updos. They are called the Love Me earrings. Why? They say exactly that! The word Love is worn on your right ear lobe, and Me is on your left. I received so many compliments from everyone when I wore these little beauties. Here’s a pic




Shipping– Shipping was free because I caught a ship for free code, which is a plus. Some companies don’t even offer free shipping as much as she does. The merchandise came within two business days! Now that was quick! The packaging was secure, and everything was wrapped in tissue for protection.

Bonus- Yes! Bonus! She always send a little surprise with each order just to say  thank you! How cool is that? Who you know that actually give you something free for shopping with them? No company I know! So when you order from, you are purchasing from a terrific vendor.

My Surprise Goodies

I would definitely purchase from Laura again, and I recommend her shop for great pieces for naturals, or just anyone that is into fashion. The pieces are made with great material, and is top quality. Remember to use the FabolousCurlies code to receive a special discount with your order.

Till Later



Hairstyle #5

Hey everyone! I was so undecided what to do with my hair for my one year natural mark that I said Enough!! I installed some yarn braids, and the great news about this is it took me a total of 10 hours. This time I got extra close to my scalp and they’re pretty tight ( I was sure to leave slack so my edges wouldn’t break ). Here is a pic of me yesterday


I was feeling myself with my Hello Kitty wear, I even had to pose with the hubster


I plan on leaving these in till after my birthday which is Dec 27th! This time I’m determined to leave them in until my goal date. I will be following up with any pros and cons. The yarn I used was the Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn. Be sure to use an acrylic yarn so that you’re able to uninstalled, and the yarn won’t lock in your hair.