That Girl Done Got Locs

I decided to get loc’d up! Yes I did ! I’ll be three years natural Dec 13, 2014 , and I said let me do something different. My sis , along with other members of my family are loc’d and I do love their heads. I don’t like the bigger locs, so I decided to get sister locs. Micro locs or sister locs are basically the same thing. They are small in size , and you can still do various hairstyles on them. Now you guys know I change my hair all the time , that’s how I knew if I was going to loc it would be by getting these. Lots of people say it takes about 24 hours to finish , but I believe that’s because they’re slow , or either take frequent breaks in between. Altogether mine took about 4-6 hours top. I have 400 locs and my hair is very full.





I have been researching how to take care of them, along with asking help from my sis who has had hers going on a year now. I decided to get these three products first from the Jamaican Lime line first . Until my hair actually starts to bud and all that, I didn’t see the use for the other products. Here’s the products I did get.


After finishing I did oil my scalp with my favorite oil mix, that I shared with you guys before in previous post , and sprayed with the itch spray. I love my hair so much! Another hair journey to share with you all! If you have my questions be sure to ask!

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Love ,