Making A Sad Face Right Now Shoedazzle

OMG! After receiving a $15.00 credit in my Shoedazzle account , and finding me the perfect pair of booties, guess what!!?? Shoedazzle sent me the wrong size! Before placing orders I always view the reviews made by other buyers so I can know if the shoe runs true to size or not. All the reviews said that it ran true to size, and it was a perfect bootie for your skinnies. Now you all know, I love my skinnies. Without hesitation I ordered mine in a size 7. Here they go right here.




Now these are sexy!  Imagine my face when I pulled them out the box, after stalking FedEx like crazy. I told hubby “Bae, don’t these look a tad bit small?’ He was like try them on. You remember how Cinderella’s step sisters looked trying to force their big ol feet into her glass slipper? That was me. I even ran and got a stocking to see if that would help. No. Then on top of that I see final sale on my order confirmation, no way! It did not say that when I placed my order. The first time I called Shoedazzle I told them I wanted a bigger size, well they said no, final sale. Then I go back in the living room and ask hubby about places that stretch shoes. Next thing I did was check the whole shoe, I don’t know why , but something told me to. 6.5!! They sent me the wrong size! My shoe sticker on the bottom says 7 , the box says 7 the confirmation paper and my order history says 7, but the shoe itself is a freakin 6.5!! Here I am writing you guys in real-time, as I’m sitting in my office on hold to demand my size seven be sent, someone in their warehouse done made me wanna cry. I had my whole outfit and hairstyle pictures for these boots to wear out this Saturday, and I bet now that won’t happen. SMH! It already took these shoes too long to arrive in my book. The order was placed on November 24, and today is December 4th.  I’m not too pleased at all on this matter.




CoverGirl You Done Got Me!


Yes Yes! Let me just say that I am loving this new campaign I’m in thanks to BzzAgent. It’s the benefit of great products like this for free that makes me write these reviews for you guys. The first lip color I tried today was the CoverGirl Blastflipstick in Minx 855. Honey, Honey, let me tell you this lipstick is so moisturizing it ain’t even funny. It has this high gloss effect to it, that matches with the bold colors to make your lips look fierce! I did get three of the colors, but you know each tube has two different colors for you to rock. They were going for the whole wear one during day, and the other one at night when you party. Now you all know me, I wanna look good all day everyday wearing whatever I want, so I mixed both colors today. I did my updo to go with the lipstick, now I’m really feeling myself! CoverGirl didn’t play with this one, great product! Thanks BzzAgent! Also, if any of you would like a $2.00 coupon for one just comment and I’ll send you one out, or upload it!




24-7 Style Shop Review

I had the honor of working with 24-7 Style and even made a purchase with the owner Laura myself. I got these funky little earrings that look so cute with updos. They are called the Love Me earrings. Why? They say exactly that! The word Love is worn on your right ear lobe, and Me is on your left. I received so many compliments from everyone when I wore these little beauties. Here’s a pic




Shipping– Shipping was free because I caught a ship for free code, which is a plus. Some companies don’t even offer free shipping as much as she does. The merchandise came within two business days! Now that was quick! The packaging was secure, and everything was wrapped in tissue for protection.

Bonus- Yes! Bonus! She always send a little surprise with each order just to say  thank you! How cool is that? Who you know that actually give you something free for shopping with them? No company I know! So when you order from, you are purchasing from a terrific vendor.

My Surprise Goodies

I would definitely purchase from Laura again, and I recommend her shop for great pieces for naturals, or just anyone that is into fashion. The pieces are made with great material, and is top quality. Remember to use the FabolousCurlies code to receive a special discount with your order.

Till Later



Hairstyle #5

Hey everyone! I was so undecided what to do with my hair for my one year natural mark that I said Enough!! I installed some yarn braids, and the great news about this is it took me a total of 10 hours. This time I got extra close to my scalp and they’re pretty tight ( I was sure to leave slack so my edges wouldn’t break ). Here is a pic of me yesterday


I was feeling myself with my Hello Kitty wear, I even had to pose with the hubster


I plan on leaving these in till after my birthday which is Dec 27th! This time I’m determined to leave them in until my goal date. I will be following up with any pros and cons. The yarn I used was the Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn. Be sure to use an acrylic yarn so that you’re able to uninstalled, and the yarn won’t lock in your hair.




HairStyle #2

I named her Bianca! She hot curls so well! I am very happy with this unit, and I am excited to see how long it lasts.

To achieve this look I sectioned her into four sections, and then made sure I placed the hot rollers on her according to the look I wanted . Jumbo in the front, and at the very top. Large on the sides, and middle. Lastly, medium was placed at the back and nape to give me that drape. After she was curled I sprayed her with Suave Extreme Hairspray. The curls lasted in her for two days!!!

Fabolous Curlies Team Up With 24-7 Style!

Hi Everyone!

Something exciting has happen with Fabolous Curlies! We have teamed up with Laura of 24-7 Style to bring all things chick and fashionable to all of you! By clicking on the link affiliated with Fabolous Curlies you save on all the cute items. Remember to use the Fabolous Curlies link when shopping! As promised we are trying to give you all the best!


        Curliegyrl Free 

Matte Nail Polish


Hey everyone!

I decided to add different points of interest to the blog, because well , I do have other things going on with me. For example, the other night I was sitting on the phone with one of my Fabolous Curlie sisters T, hunched over my laptop shopping for nail polish. The funny thing is I always tend to look at sites on the net with a purpose just to see who has styles that I haven’t seen a million people wear. Anyway, I saw these cool nails on this one chick that looked like they were suede. I leaned closer to the screen in awe. Matte. Now I do have a deep obsession with matte lipsticks, I’ll talk about that on the follow-up article to this one, but back to the nail polish. Next, I immediately went on YouTube to hear the reviews on different brands out there. I’m sad to say that most of the reviews were the same except one that actually showed four different brands on her nails. I was intrigued. Now curlies, you all know I’m a big pj, even before going natural , so this was nothing new for me to run and try to find a store near me that sold the polishes. NONE!! Are you kidding me? Of course your girl did the next reasonable thing, la la la “Ebay” BINGO!!

I did not like the prices though, they could keep that $9.00 holla. I set out the next day dragging hubby along with me combing the streets of Athens looking for this matte nail polish. I started getting irritated because not one person in these stores even knew what it was much longer heard of it. Geeze! after going to a total of nine stores I went home with my curly hair drooping . I was defeated. In the store that is. Now I don’t want to make this a long story so I’ll just tell you that I ordered from Ebay ,to turn around and run smack dead into a brand at Wal-Mart the next day. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? WAL-MART!! I bought two bottles, just in case. lol. Curlies I know you feel me with this. We all know we need our earrings, and polishes to go with our hair. DON”T FRONT, KEEP IT REAL! I will be writing back with pictures so that you can see which brand is the best out of the two I have. Until then loves,

Curliegyrl Free

Hair Recipes By Kinkynest

Egg Shampoo for Shiny Hair

Materials needed:

1 large egg

1 tsp of oil (optional)

1-3 tablespoon of liquid castile soap

½ cup of water or herbal tea

Few drops of essential oil (optional)

Small bowl

Mixing spoon

Mix all of the ingredients into a container until frothy. Only make enough for single use otherwise it will solidify and will be of no use. Wet hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and then apply the egg shampoo in sections. Wash hair as usual. Rinse with cool water.

This is a fairly simple recipe and I like the lather that is produced from the mixture. It got my hair clean and left it feeling strong.

Making Liquid Black Soap

There is so much information on the web about African black soap and its benefits so I am just going to list a few and if you are interested in learning more about it please do a Google search. Black soap is used by most individuals to treat oily skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Black soap would also be beneficial to use as a soap for someone who has scalp issues. African black soap can be a bit difficult to use as a scalp cleanser in its original form because the bar soap can be crumbly and at times sticky. An alternative to this is changing the bar soap into a consistency similar to shampoo.

Materials needed:

Black soap

Medium container

Boiling hot water or herbal tea

Mixing spoon

Essential oils (optional)

1-2 tablespoons of oil (optional)

I do not have exact measurements for this recipe because I watched a video on how to make it on YouTube years ago and from then on just would eyeball the measurements.

1.   Take a chunk of your black soap and put into a sturdy bowl or container

2.   Take your hot water or herbal tea and start to slow pour it over the soap

3.   Use your mixing spoon to start breaking up the soap chunk and to mix the liquid

4.   Be careful to not add too much water

5.   Continue to mix until you get the desired consistency

6.   Once you reach your desired consistency add a few drops of essential oils and your favorite hair oil if you wish

7.   Transfer the mixture into an old shampoo or conditioner bottle

If you have preservatives then you should add them at this point (citric acid, grapefruit seed extract etc.), otherwise keep the mixture in the fridge for no longer than a week and leave out for a few minutes before washing your hair.



Sofnfree Not For Me

Hey ladies!

This is a review on Sofnfree Grow Healthy Hair Products. I was actually sent the products free of charge from M&M Products. The items sent were

  • Nothing But Curly Pudding
  • Nothing But Curl Sealer
  • Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner (Co Wash)

Now all the products are free of petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants,phthalates. This is safe for the CG Method. Who do I think should use theses products? Babies, and people with fine hair. I used all the above items on my 17 month old and my oldest who has very thick hair. The first thing I did was co wash my youngest and then applied the pudding, and sealer. Instantly her head was full of lumpy curls, and full of shine. Due to the amount of product left I used the product on my oldest bang, because I knew I had more than enough to see if it worked just as well on her hair.

Um, no! It did not do anything for her curl pattern. However, her hair was soft, and smelled good like coconuts. Her hair type is 3B & 3C, but she has thick hair. I would rate this product a 4 out of five for babies, and fine hair. I wouldn’t give it a five because the scent is a bit strong. The consistency was pretty thick for the pudding which I love. I love a thick pudding, that way you only have to use a small amount. Overall, the products aren’t bad at all. Hope this is useful to someone.  Love,


I’m A Curly Girl- By NaturallyChar

Your probably wondering what in the world is she talking about. When I first big chopped March 7th 2012, I had the slightest idea where to begin. I was on sites like Curly Nikki and NaturallyCurly getting an overload of information. When it came down to me actually putting this info to use I drew a blank. So, I was cowashing like crazy with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and using Eco Styler gel. Both are good products, but I knew my hair needed more. Thus came upon me the Curly Girl Method. Now I know plenty of you have heard of it, but many are still not sure what the whole method is about. The Curly Girl Method was put together by Lorraine Massey. If you want to know more about her visit this site:  The process is all about eliminating sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral and castor oil from your hair regime. You might give me the yuck face when I say this, but I haven’t shampooed my hair since March 2012 when I started the method. Who says that shampoo is the only way to clean your hair? I clean my hair with conditioner and either leave it in my hair or apply a leave-in conditioner.  Since black hair loves water this works for ME. Depending on your hair it may take between 2-8 weeks for your hair to adjust. This process has helped with moisture, curl clumping, and overall hair health. So, feel free to inbox or just ask what questions you have on being a CG.

Peace. Love and Water

WARNING: The CG Method isn’t for everyone. Some people’s hair actually does well with silicones.