Making A Sad Face Right Now Shoedazzle

OMG! After receiving a $15.00 credit in my Shoedazzle account , and finding me the perfect pair of booties, guess what!!?? Shoedazzle sent me the wrong size! Before placing orders I always view the reviews made by other buyers so I can know if the shoe runs true to size or not. All the reviews said that it ran true to size, and it was a perfect bootie for your skinnies. Now you all know, I love my skinnies. Without hesitation I ordered mine in a size 7. Here they go right here.




Now these are sexy!  Imagine my face when I pulled them out the box, after stalking FedEx like crazy. I told hubby “Bae, don’t these look a tad bit small?’ He was like try them on. You remember how Cinderella’s step sisters looked trying to force their big ol feet into her glass slipper? That was me. I even ran and got a stocking to see if that would help. No. Then on top of that I see final sale on my order confirmation, no way! It did not say that when I placed my order. The first time I called Shoedazzle I told them I wanted a bigger size, well they said no, final sale. Then I go back in the living room and ask hubby about places that stretch shoes. Next thing I did was check the whole shoe, I don’t know why , but something told me to. 6.5!! They sent me the wrong size! My shoe sticker on the bottom says 7 , the box says 7 the confirmation paper and my order history says 7, but the shoe itself is a freakin 6.5!! Here I am writing you guys in real-time, as I’m sitting in my office on hold to demand my size seven be sent, someone in their warehouse done made me wanna cry. I had my whole outfit and hairstyle pictures for these boots to wear out this Saturday, and I bet now that won’t happen. SMH! It already took these shoes too long to arrive in my book. The order was placed on November 24, and today is December 4th.  I’m not too pleased at all on this matter.