Drug Store Natural Hair Products

Why Hello!

Sitting here in my living room looking at all the women in this swap forum I participate in an idea hit me! A lot of us sleep on products in our ground stores thinking they don’t work, because they aren’t as expensive as other ones we see our natural hair idols using. Bull crap! I happen to use them and the others, and honestly I get better results or the same results as if I payed $18 for a bottle of conditioner. I myself was like that when I first big chopped. I was thinking I had to use all these brands everyone else was using, and was spending tons. It took my mother to ask me why was I spending so much when she use to use these reasonably priced products on my head, and my hair was super healthy. You all should had seen my face when she said that. Yes, she was right.  

Bringing us back to now I’ve decided that all my product reviews will be on products that can be found in Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. Let’s just be truthful with ourselves for a minute. I would rather be spending a bulk of my money on shoes and clothes to look fly in with my hair dos, wouldn’t you? So with this little slap of reality from me, we’re going to start getting it crackin economically. Let’s not hurt our wallets too bad if we don’t have to.