Slay By Vixens Grand Opening Raffle! 🎉🎉🎊

Hello Hello! My beautiful subbies!

I have something exciting that I want to share with you all. A Raffle!!! Now we all know that for naturals we love to do protective hairstyles. With that being said what’s a protective hairstyle that everyone loves these days?


Well Fabolous Curlies has teamed up with Slay By Vixens to give you all a chance to win some bundles, a customized lace front, and or lashes!!!

This is a company that I stand by and the owner Sydney Cyntana is a wonder person and entrepreneur. She also owns her own magazine Vixen and has been modeling for over ten years.

I have personally seen her work and let me tell you, it’s absolutely flawless.

So how do you go about getting an opportunity to win? Here’s the deets……

@SlaybyVixens grand opening was this week and to celebrate they are running a END OF SUMMER CONTEST open to anyone in the U.S Over 18yrs of age!!

First place winner will receive choice of :

Custom color bob unit from our Goddess Collection or a FULL LACE Unit from my Vixen Collection 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and 2 pairs of our 3D mink lashes

Second place winner will receive 2 pairs of our Exclusive 3D Mink Lashes

Third place receives at $10 gift card and free standard shipping toward next purchase

Here are the rules

Must purchase minimum one raffle ticket -the more tickets the more chances to win- as winners will be picked on LIVE at random

1 Ticket – $10

Best deal 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 5 tickets for 40 + free bonus ticket SO 6 tickets in total

**** limit 12 tickets per customer ****

Cash app $VixensCEO

Make sure you add your fb name, phone number, and my name “ Nickole or Minx “ on the cash app payment

Must follow @slaybyvixens IG AND Slay By Vixens Facebook Page and Fabolous Curlies on Facebook

And tag 3 friends on each

Raffle will end Sept 10th 9am eastern time and winners will be announced on FACEBOOK LIVE at 7pm eastern

Good luck ladies ! Can’t wait to see you slay all year long!

I am so excited about this and can’t wait to see if any of you are amongst the lucky winners. Keep me posted! If you have any questions you may respond here on the blog or on the Fabolous Curlies facebook page.

Much Luv,


Outre 4 Way Part Lace Wig

Outre has always release some awesome hair units , so that you can be versatile and express your creativity, through your hair. I was so excited when I got asked to review Outre’s 4 Way Part Lave wig by Sam’s Beauty. My first experience with Outre was back in early 2005 , with their Half Wigs, that could easily be converted to a ponytail.

When I received this lace front , I already knew chances were I would like it. Let’s get into this review.

The wig is 20 inches , and is synthetic. The fibers can be heated and curled up to 400 degrees. I do flat iron my unit , and make sure to use a little of heat protectant.

The unit has four combs in the index , and straps to tighten the unit in the bk. There is also a small amount of lace located on the , do that you can pull it up in a high ponytail or top knot.

Shedding is limited. I brushed , combed and styled without hair getting all over the sink and the rig. If you have a chance to check this unit out , tell me how like it.

Good night luvs,


New Journey! Loc’d Free

Oct 18,2014 I had my locs installed

Oct 18,2014 I had my locs installed

Wow! Wow! That’s all I can say and think. After being natural for exactly 2 years and 10 months, I big chopped AGAIN! A lot of my subscribers got the first look on my Facebook page , and asked why. First, I love experimenting with my hair. Its just hair , it will grow back.

I didn’t want to mix hair journeys , and really wanted to see my progress from a new beginning. With that being said I’m super excited. I love my hair and can’t believe how well the short twist fits my face. Here’s a few pictures of my hair twisted .

The Crown Area

The Crown Area

Side and Front View

Side and Front View

I can’t wait to see how long they are by my birthday in December. I will make sure to try k these journey just like I did my natural hair one with free flowing hair. Look out for my starter loc maintance piece.


Braidout Till You Get It Right

Have I ever did a braidout on my head since being natural? Yes , about two times. My first time I didn’t like it, the second time I rocked it for three days. I am happy to say that this time I kept my hair braided for week, moisturized and made sure it was well taken care of and





I love it so far! Now keep in mind that this is freshly taken down. By tomorrow it should be fluffed out , and older giving me big fluffy hair. I will be sure to post pics of that either tomorrow or Saturday, it just depends on which day I go out. Before I go , I just want to say that it’s okay not to get some styles right from jump. It’s only natural to make mistakes, and getting to know your hair. Till later ,


Pros and Cons To Tree Braiding (Protective Styling)

Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair” title=”” target=”_blank”>Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair”>” target=”_blank”>Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair




*This is a video that I found, and thought I’d share.I do not own the rights


Will It Ever Grow!?


This seems to be every natural’s question. Will my hair ever grow? I’m going to give you some advice my grandmother always told me. “A watched pot never broils” Sure doesn’t. Have you literally just watched a pot to see how long it would take? I have, and boy did it take forever. Same thing with your hair, leave it alone and it will grow.  I promise you.
  Sure co-wash and oil as usual, along with your deep conditioning treatments.  Just don’t be constantly doing hairstyles that cause breakage to your hair.
   Protective styling is also a topic that is always coming up in the natural hair community. Is it necessary? I believe that as long as your ends are well protected ( tucked i. e buns) and not rubbing against your collar or clothes, then breakage should not occur. I happen to know some naturals that do and some that don’t, both have some serious length. It all depends on your hair, what does your hair like.  You’d be surprised at what you would find out if you’d pay close attention to how it reacts to different products. 

  Getting hair this long won’t be a problem for some, but might take a lot of us a while to get to this length. Don’t be frustrated with your length at all. Make it fun by trying different hairstyles throughout your journey. If you have any questions be sure to contact me.

Dying Your Lace front? Protect The Lace

Dying your lace front wig is pretty cool, especially when its human hair and one you love. A lot of naturals wear them as a protective style to get through the wintery cold months or just when deciding to protective style for a while. If you all ask , what is the lace part of my wig I will explain .The lace part of the wig is where u can part the wig any way you would like to achieve different hair styles. You are suppose to cut the lace to match your hairline. DO NOT WEAR YOUR LACEFRONT WITHOUT CUTTING OFF THE LACE THAT IS HANGING IN THE FRONT OR BACK!!!
It is extremely important that you also wear the unit a bit bk from your hairline ,leaving some of your hair out to get the more natural look. Now to dying. You want to protect the lace from any hair dye that you are using. The lace acts as a scalp, that should not be colored the dye of choice.
You can buy Morning Glory to add to the lace to make sure that the dye doesn’t stain. Morning Glory acts as a harden shield when dried. *Alternative* Elmer’s School Glue is also another way to protect the lace. Definitely cheaper , and I bet we all have some on hand in our houses. I prefer using the Elmer’s because I feel I have more control when it comes to washing the unit and removing it from the lace. Here’s a pic of my unit with the Elmer’s harden the next day.

If you see any parts of the lace to where it isn’t covered make sure you reapply another layer whether its with the Morning Glory or Elmer’s. Just keep on applying! I can’t stress how important it is not to stain your lace!!
You will dye your unit and condition it as you would your own hair, and blow dry and style as usual .

Here’s my 100% Human Brazilian Lacefront dyed blue/black from light brown. She is actually wavy , but I blow dried her straight for now. If you have any questions be sure to comment below!
                                        Much Love!

What Hair Do I Keep Rockin!?

Yes I’m sitting here going through my Instagram and smiling. Why? Do you guys know I’ve been rockin my fro like nobody’s business! I had to do a little collage to show how fierce I’ve became with it!


Hope y’all are enjoying your fros! Keep them moisturized!