Hairstyle #5

Hey everyone! I was so undecided what to do with my hair for my one year natural mark that I said Enough!! I installed some yarn braids, and the great news about this is it took me a total of 10 hours. This time I got extra close to my scalp and they’re pretty tight ( I was sure to leave slack so my edges wouldn’t break ). Here is a pic of me yesterday


I was feeling myself with my Hello Kitty wear, I even had to pose with the hubster


I plan on leaving these in till after my birthday which is Dec 27th! This time I’m determined to leave them in until my goal date. I will be following up with any pros and cons. The yarn I used was the Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn. Be sure to use an acrylic yarn so that you’re able to uninstalled, and the yarn won’t lock in your hair.