Comforts For Baby ! Hello Super Saver

Let me tell all you moms out there! Run and buy these diapers from Kroger! These diapers Do Not Play! I was able to test a bag for free from BzzAgent to do a review on , and a few of their other baby products.  Well I kept these diapers on my little Prince until he began to sag . Would you like to know how long it took for these diapers to sag? Four hours! Four hours and probably longer. I swear they’re better than the leading brands, and cheaper! I know we all got short pockets these days, so money is funny! Go run! Try the Comfort For Baby diapers! I think for size 1 I got 50 in the pack. I’m on my third pack, so now I’m buying them of course!

“Oh Snap My Hip Hurts! Maternity Pillow Please!”

I remember laughing at my mom when she would say her hip hurt, and would do this dramatic little walk to be funny. Now I’m the one hunched over looking like I’m about to fall on my face. I’m currently in my sixth month of pregnancy and has been diagnosed with this hip issue that only pregnant women and old people get. Basically my sweet little boy’s head is grinding into mommy’s nerves. and making it hard for me to walk, stand or bend. Yes, my doctor has officially put me on bed rest. Good thing about this is I also get a milkshake daily, and take calcium medication.

Now one problem, why isn’t there any YouTube videos on maternity pillows? I’m seeing everything else about being pregnant, but nothing that matters. SMH! Looks like ya girl will be doing one on mine I purchase today. After reading countless reviews I decided on the Snoogle Total Body Pillow that supports my back, tummy, and hips.

Snoogle  Total Body Pillow

It is also good for your neck, and can be adjusted many different ways. Wish me luck! Be back later on in the week with an update!