Sisterlocks 8 Months In 

Hello Loves ! 

Happy Easter ! 

It has officially been 8 Months since I’ve had my Sisterlocks installed. How do I feel? I absolutely love them ! Yes , it has been ups and downs. I do not have a loctician , and decided to maintain my locs myself. I feel much closer to them , and the bond is amazing. Now , I’m going to be honest with you all. This scalp issue of mine makes me sooooo mad. I have done every thing I can think of to control this dry scalp , but it keeps happening.  Yes , I drink plenty of water, also I have used all types of dandruff shampoos, still dry scalp. Now tell me , is it true that with sisterlocks this can last up to a year your first year ? It’s totally embarrassing sometimes to scratch. ” Excuse me , while I make it snow “. Lmao. 

Well here are a few pics of my locs now 

Major growth right? I know ! Lmao. I can not wait to see how long they will be August 13th 2017. I will officially be a year. I will make sure to come bk and post more. I have some major things I’ve been working on for the blog, it’s going to be fiyah! 

Until next time ! Be Fabolous ! 


DIY Loc Tool

After searching on YouTube for ways to retighten my locs , I stumbled on one channel that that had a perfect idea for making a loc tool. I would had never guessed to use …….wait for it . A YARN NEEDLE!
The only thing to it is to make sure its a steel one and not plastic , or it will snap like a twig.

Tools Needed
Yarn Needle
Needle Nose Pliers
Flat Head Screw Driver (if you don’t have a needle nose)


Place the needle nose or flat head directly in the middle of the needle , be sure to not force it in. If only a tip fit in thats fine. Begin to rotate it in whichever direction you want to open the needle to the desired width your loc will fit into.

Sounds easy? It is! Just go really slow so that you don’t end up making it too big for your loc.

Here’s mine


My Loc Tool

Give it a try, and post a pic of yours . Good Luck!