Loreal Cleansing Balm : Truth or Sad Story?



Loreal EverCurl

















I have a new and exciting product that I want to review . Now it’s really not new, but it’s new to my curls. It’s the Loreal EverCurl 6 in 1 Cleansing Balm.  Influenster sent me the product to review for free, and to give my honest opinion.

First off it did not have a strong fragrance , which I loved. I hate opening a product to begin sneezing like a nut. The pump in my opinion is too small, which means to get a nice amount of product you have to keep pumping continuously. The consistency is rich and creamy, which I like. It didn’t feel soapy (slippery and sticky). You get a nice small lather just to let you know it has a cleansing agent in it. Then the whole conditioning affect takes over, and you start feeling your hair softening up. Would I use the product again ? Yes! I actually want to try their other products in the EverCurl line now. You do receive a lot of product in the bottle too, so you won’t feel cheated. Try it! Then report bk to me how you liked it!



Kinkistry Hair Extensions 

Hi loves!

I’m so excited to bring this product review series to you all! It’s on Kinkistry Hair Extensions!  They have weft hair and clip ins that is very pretty much undetectable as being extensions. This hair is so close to our own curls it’s scary! Scary Good! You can pick between three different hair types. You have Koilistics which is for hair type 3b-3c , you have the Kurlgenics which is for 3c-4a, and lastly the Kinknetics clip ins for 4b-4c hair. Now each set comes in 10-28inches . That’s pretty cool because some companies stop at 22-24 inches. The color of the hair only comes in natural which is okay, because it’s 100% virgin human hair. YES! You can dye it!

The owner whom is Angela Fite’ is very professional , and is superb in customer service. I can’t even tell you how many questions I had , and she even gave me some tips on how to use the clip ins since this is my first set. I’m so happy that I chose this company. The hair is very soft , and it looks exactly like my own hair!

Next I will be dying it , since my hair is a midnight blue mixed with another blue. I will be posting the coloring video next. Please go check out the KINKISTRY . Her prices are reasonable , it’s great quality hair , and you get your merchandise fast. If you all have any questions please feel free to email me as usual @ fabolouscurlies@gmail.com.

Go visit the Kinkistry @ http://www.kinkistry.com

That way you can see which texture matches your curl pattern , and if you need any help they will write back immediately to make sure you’re perfect.

I hate to go , because I love talking to you guys , but I have to dye this hair. Talk to you soon! Stay Fabolous! 💋


Perm Rod Challenge

Hi Ladies!
Are you starting to feel like you have nothing to do with your hair ? Usually in your awkward twa stage , you start to feel defeated. Well , well , I got something for u! A wonderful challenge you can do , that will actually allow you to maintain length. Perm rods!
Perm rods are an effective way to get gorgeous curls without adding heat. Also , you can do all type of fun styles with them for work, and play. Not sure on which ones to purchase? Here’s a chart to help you out .


Following this chart will help you get the look you are going for. Plus , you can go to the BSS to check them out in person.


How many packs do you need ?

I would say buy 5 to 6 packs just to be safe. It never can hurt to have too many , but it sure can hurt if you don’t have enough. Lol! Trust me , you will be highly mad if you run out of rods , and have to leave out to get more.

Motions Wrap Lotion
ORS Wrap Lotion
Lotta Body Foam

Oils ( your favorite ones, of course)

Make sure that you let your hair completely dry before removing your rods. Also, another tip is that you can separate each curl , twisting strand by strand of you don’t like the big curl look. I know some people don’t know that , well now u do.
I hope this have gave you all a few ideas to do with your hair. Try Mohawks , Flat Twist on the sides , and or a hump in the front to accompany your curls. Good luck !


That Girl Done Got Locs

I decided to get loc’d up! Yes I did ! I’ll be three years natural Dec 13, 2014 , and I said let me do something different. My sis , along with other members of my family are loc’d and I do love their heads. I don’t like the bigger locs, so I decided to get sister locs. Micro locs or sister locs are basically the same thing. They are small in size , and you can still do various hairstyles on them. Now you guys know I change my hair all the time , that’s how I knew if I was going to loc it would be by getting these. Lots of people say it takes about 24 hours to finish , but I believe that’s because they’re slow , or either take frequent breaks in between. Altogether mine took about 4-6 hours top. I have 400 locs and my hair is very full.





I have been researching how to take care of them, along with asking help from my sis who has had hers going on a year now. I decided to get these three products first from the Jamaican Lime line first . Until my hair actually starts to bud and all that, I didn’t see the use for the other products. Here’s the products I did get.


After finishing I did oil my scalp with my favorite oil mix, that I shared with you guys before in previous post , and sprayed with the itch spray. I love my hair so much! Another hair journey to share with you all! If you have my questions be sure to ask!

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Love ,

Fabolous Curlie’s Fierce Curly Feature -Rhonda

Hello Curlies! I’m sharing another beauty with you all that I find amazing, She isn’t afraid to try new hair colors on her natural hair, and rocks any color with style with pure fierceness. Here’s Rhonda’s hair story!


How long have you been natural, what made you decide to stop chemically processing your hair?

I been natural for about 5 years give or take a few months. I decided to go natural after my Physician suggested it, because I had migraines on a regular basis.

Do you follow a regular hair regimen?

I am a product junkie, but for the most part I actually do follow the same routine just different products from time to time.

What is their favorite hairstyle to wear?

Wash and Go when my hair is short and manageable. When I get some length on it I usually wear twists, then twistouts, bantu knots, or braidouts.

What is your favorite thing about your natural curls?

The fact that I can go out in the rain and not care about the curls falling or my hair getting wet, too frizzy. I just go where I want to go without stressing.

What is the one pain in the butt when it comes to being natural? 

Combing it out and keeping it moisturized

What are your top three favorite products?

Oyin, SFHS by Coiffed Cafe, Darcy Botanicals

Did you chop or transition? 

I did both at different times. The first time I went natural I transitioned then I permed. The second time I cut it off and had a TWA. I have let it grow out and chopped it about four times since I been natural. I chopped if off about a month ago making it #4!!

What advice would you give someone that wanted to try being natural, but don’t know how to start?

Read as much as you can. Join some Natural hair forums on facebook and read blogs. Get educated then pick what’s best for you, big chop or transition. Don’t get discouraged and have a support group to cheer you on.
                                                 Fierce Curly Feature -Rhonda
photo 2 (2)
photo 3 (2)
Thank you Rhonda so much for sharing your natural hair story with us. I think its really important that other naturals have someone that they can relate to while going through the motions of getting to know their own curls. You are Fabolous! You are Fierce! From this day forth you are a Fierce Fabolous Curlie! 

Most Moisturizing Braidout Ever!

Last night I oiled my hair with Tropical Traditions Gold Label 100% Coconut Oil. Chile let me tell you what I added to it to get the most moisturizing braidout ever!


Ready?! The Blue Magic Hair Grease! Remember in a past post I shared with you all that it was a great sealant ? I had to show you all I wasn’t pulling your leg. Why go out and pay all that extra money for something you can get at an affordable price right in your neighborhood? Everyone might not agree with me ,and choose to still order and pay high shipping cost for a brand name .That is fine, I’m just simply sharing what I found for cheaper and is more accessible. 
I made sure to run the coconut oil over each strand of hair pulling down with a closed palm. Sure enough my hair started to wave, it honestly don’t take much for my hair to curl or wave , water and conditioner will do the trick , sometimes only water.  If your hair is a bit more reluctant then you might want to add something on top of your oil for hold. Anyhoo, next I put the Blue Magic Grease on top using the open palm technique and braided.

Just because I wanted to I added my castor oil mixture to my scalp in the areas I feel need to be attended to. From there I braided and put on my satin hair bonnet.


Nice shine, fantastic definition! Love it!  Try it out for yourselves, and let me know how it worked for you.

School Curly Style For Little Girls

This morning I decided to give my daughter one bun on each side of the front of her head ,with the back of her curls hanging. The struggle with her is real. My daughter has a head full of soft luscious curls that she loves to get tangled and all packed with lint from playing. SMH. I tend to get a bit frustrated and keep her hair in two strand twist . Today I said let me be nice.



Once the water was sprayed on her hair  it immediately thanked me my becoming soft and clumping with her curls immediately. I added the Aloe Vera Eco Styler Gel by hand by clawing through small sections. I made sure each piece of hair was covered, and then sprayed with my oil mixture.
Let’s see how she returns home from school. I’ll honestly post a update post for you guys. Take care!

A Easter Look For My Girls

A Easter Look For My Girls

Hi this is a video from PGneiicey from Youtube. I think her hair is just beautiful, and will be trying this on my daughters’ heads for Easter. This is the type of style that everyone knows I live for. I never showcase other people’s videos on the blog, but why not if it is great. Go check her out if you would like to see more of her videos.


Washngo Flavor Hairstyle

Wow! Look at this amazing washngo using Samy’s light weight curl cream. I first found this product when I was still relaxed, and loved it on my hair then. This product is great for hair like mines which loves water a lot.


This is my day two washngo. I received so many compliments on this styles. Run to Sally’s and try it yourself!