Fabolous Curlie’s Fierce Curly Feature -Rhonda

Hello Curlies! I’m sharing another beauty with you all that I find amazing, She isn’t afraid to try new hair colors on her natural hair, and rocks any color with style with pure fierceness. Here’s Rhonda’s hair story!


How long have you been natural, what made you decide to stop chemically processing your hair?

I been natural for about 5 years give or take a few months. I decided to go natural after my Physician suggested it, because I had migraines on a regular basis.

Do you follow a regular hair regimen?

I am a product junkie, but for the most part I actually do follow the same routine just different products from time to time.

What is their favorite hairstyle to wear?

Wash and Go when my hair is short and manageable. When I get some length on it I usually wear twists, then twistouts, bantu knots, or braidouts.

What is your favorite thing about your natural curls?

The fact that I can go out in the rain and not care about the curls falling or my hair getting wet, too frizzy. I just go where I want to go without stressing.

What is the one pain in the butt when it comes to being natural? 

Combing it out and keeping it moisturized

What are your top three favorite products?

Oyin, SFHS by Coiffed Cafe, Darcy Botanicals

Did you chop or transition? 

I did both at different times. The first time I went natural I transitioned then I permed. The second time I cut it off and had a TWA. I have let it grow out and chopped it about four times since I been natural. I chopped if off about a month ago making it #4!!

What advice would you give someone that wanted to try being natural, but don’t know how to start?

Read as much as you can. Join some Natural hair forums on facebook and read blogs. Get educated then pick what’s best for you, big chop or transition. Don’t get discouraged and have a support group to cheer you on.
                                                 Fierce Curly Feature -Rhonda
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Thank you Rhonda so much for sharing your natural hair story with us. I think its really important that other naturals have someone that they can relate to while going through the motions of getting to know their own curls. You are Fabolous! You are Fierce! From this day forth you are a Fierce Fabolous Curlie! 

Drip Drip Drip! Save Your Makeup!

Ugh! It’s hot! You want to look good, and you really don’t like having to constantly check your makeup all day long. I feel you, neither do I. Then you might ask, okay well? Setting Spray! It will make sure that your makeup stays in place and not run, or pack up in the creases on your face. There are many types based off your skin type, and if you get the wrong one you’re screwed. It’s so may different ones on the market, but here are a few of the most popular ones



These can be purchased at Sephora, Ultra Beauty, Mac as well as other places that sell makeup. Elf even has a great one I’ve heard. Now if you don’t really want to have to purchase on, you can make one at home! Sure you can! Guess who’s going to tell you how? Me!


                                                                     Setting Spray For Oily Skin

Small Spray Bottle

1/2 Tablespoon Of Glycerine

1 Tablespoon Of Witch Hazel

1/3 cup of distilled or boiling water cooled

1 Tablespoon of Alcohol (optional)



Shake all ingredients together in your little spray bottle. Mist lightly over face with eyes closed

*Use the proper water amount to go along with the size container you use. You might have to play around                      with  this mix, to get it how you like it.



Braidout Till You Get It Right

Have I ever did a braidout on my head since being natural? Yes , about two times. My first time I didn’t like it, the second time I rocked it for three days. I am happy to say that this time I kept my hair braided for week, moisturized and made sure it was well taken care of and





I love it so far! Now keep in mind that this is freshly taken down. By tomorrow it should be fluffed out , and older giving me big fluffy hair. I will be sure to post pics of that either tomorrow or Saturday, it just depends on which day I go out. Before I go , I just want to say that it’s okay not to get some styles right from jump. It’s only natural to make mistakes, and getting to know your hair. Till later ,


Let’s Talk Locs

I noticed that I have never did a piece on locs, maybe because I don’t have them? Then I realized a lot of my subbies do, and I am circled around beautiful loc wearers. Let’s Talk Locs
People always asks what’s the difference between dreadlocks and locs? For starters many choose not to use the term dreadlocks because the history of the word isn’t very nice. The prefix dread in Hebrew means dreadful. This was used to describe the hair of the Rastafarians that had become slaves. The hair was viewed as horrible, unkept , smelly and would just was tangled around each other. Locs is a term that is used by those who do not want to use the much hated term of dreadlocks, same meaning with a prettier word.

Now that we’ve got through the most important question let’s talk about the different stages of locs. I always get so excited when a new friend tell me they’re about to start a loc journey , because I think it’s so cool how each stage reached is a goal. I myself love to switch up too much to rock locs, but I think they’re gorgeous when they are taken care of. Loc maintenance is extremely important if u want them to grow properly , and look incredible.

1. Coils — Coils resemble tightly coiled springs that look like baby spirals and can be as small as a watch spring or fluid and loose as fusilli. Hair can be as short or as long as one likes. The key factor here is that your hair is able to form and hold a coil, but the hair within the coil has not yet begun to intertwine or mesh.

2. Sprouts and Buds — Known as Sprouting or Budding in that miraculous moment when the magic has begun. First, you shampoo your hair and notice that all of a sudden, the coils don’t all wash out like they used to. You may notice that some of your coils have little knots of hair in them, about the size of a small pea. This knot is more or less the nucleus of each lock; the hairs in your coils have begun to intertwine and interlace. Individual coils may seem puffy and lose their tightly coiled shape; this is part of the process and shouldn’t be disturbed. What is important here is to keep the original scalp partings, to allow the spinning process to become established for each individual lock. Don’t redivide your budding locks, twist them to death, or get to patting them down, trying to make your hair look “nice,” because you’ll just end up with a badly packed, busted-out do.

3. Teen or Locking Stage — This is when the buds and sprouts truly begin to look like locks and few, if any, locks shampoo out or come out during sleep. The peas you saw and felt in the budding stage have expanded, and the hair has spun into a network of intertwining strands that extend throughout the length of individual locks. The locks may be soft and pliable or feel loosely meshed, according to your hair’s texture. This is the growing stage of lock development, and it extends into the lock’s mature stage. Shampooing doesn’t loosen these locks. They have dropped, which means they have developed enough to hang down versus defying gravity. This is when you start to relax and feel more confident about locking.

4. Mature Stage — Each individual lock is firmly meshed or tightly interwoven. Some loosely coiled hair textures may retain a small curl or coil at the end of the locks, but most will probably be closed at the ends. You will begin to see consistent growth because each lock has intertwined and contracted into a cylindrical shape. Think of each individual lock as a hair strand in itself. The new growth is contained in the loose hair at the base or root of each individual lock, and regular grooming encourages it to spin into an intertwined coil that will be integrated with the lock.

5. Beyond Maturity — Think of this stage as akin to the shedding stage of hair growth. After many years, depending on the care you have lavished on your locks, some locks may begin to thin and break off at the ends. For the most part, this deterioration can be minimized and controlled by monitoring the ends of your locks for signs of age and getting regular trims.

Here is a Dj , he’s our first male loc model. Look how neat and kept his locs are



Remember put love into your hair, and make sure to properly take care of it that way you will see growth. Everyone’s growth rate is different based in your hair texture and your diet. I will be sure to post more information on locs on the future. If you have any questions be sure to drop them below. Thanks for reading guys ! Much love !


Fierce Curly Feature


Hello Dears,

This month’s Fierce Curly is a sista with so much style and confidence, that I had no choice but to feature her. She has the most beautiful chocolate rich skin, and doesn’t let her complexion stop her from wearing all the colors of the rainbow to express herself. (which she does well 🙂 Everyone get to know Sophia!

1.What made you decide to become natural?

I decided to return natural again After I promised my grandmother That I would while on her sick bed.This is actually my third time “going” natural.

2. What sets you apart from other naturals in regards to your style ?

My style is that more of Urban Boheiman Chic I can say. I love to mix and match stylish items from all eras and trends and Rock it. I can be laidback casual, or Boheiman Rock Star the next.

3. What are the three products that you can’t live without ?

Natural Love ButterCreme, Tangles and Beyond Conditioner, and Hairitage Hydration Soft Coconut Marshmallow….And Water if i can add that.:)

4. Would you promote natural hair to younger girls? Why or why not?

Yes. I have actually been teaching a few young teenagers that recently return natural with this last year. It allow them to see their hair in its natural state. It also allow them to embrace the hair and image that as given them at birth and to love that image no matter what. Teaching our young ladies Self-love is always an outstanding goal.

5. What do you love about being natural ?

The Versatility. I can be “straight” one week and then have my curly coils the next. I still can have color(dye) my hair, style, and be creative. Ive been blessed to meet some amazing women on this journey as well. Natural I Will Stay. Im Not Going Back This Time. 🙂


Image Sophia I want to thank you so much for agreeing to do this blog feature. Hopefully you will inspire others to give being natural a chance. Again, I love your styles included your terrific twist outs . Maybe one day you can do a picture tutorial for us. Be Blessed my sista. YOU ARE ONE FIERCE CURLY!! 



What What! Flat Twistout lasts 5 Days!?

I can’t believe it! When I applied my product to my hair and began twisted I said to myself “this is going to be a bomb twistout, and I’m going to get big hair”.

Products Used
Entwine – Creme Jelle Styler
Oil Mixture
Hicks Edge Control

I made sure that my leave-in was applied, because I’m getting wonderful growth, and I don’t need my ends breaking. I started flat twisting really tight and small. I learned with my hair I have to or my roots will end up straight. I want wavy roots as well . My flat twists stayed in my head for three days before I took them down.


Day 1


Day 4


Day 5

Wow! By day 5 I was seriously feeling myself! I love when the twistout gets old, because that’s when it looks the best. I think I could had made it a week, but I just conditioned the next day, because I’m ready to start my protective style challenge. My advice is to just make sure at night you pineapple, and if u can’t just tie your scarf around your head where the knot is on your forehead. That’s it loves! Till next time!


Two Strand Twist Out

I’m sure you all remember the post I just did on my super moisturized twist? Well I just took them down yesterday and had a banging twistout. Usually I don’t get the look I want to achieve , but this time I did.
What did I do differently?  I separated each twist, then separated again. Actually I broke each twist down four times. This is the look I got and loved it!

The pic to the right is the beginning twist all unraveled. The pic to the left is after I was happy with the new look. Second day hair is today and it looks wonderful . Male sure to take your twist down the exact same way you began twisting them, that way the definition will be great.

Crafter Of The Month! (Author) Simone Deverreaux

Simone DCrafter Of The Month! (Author) Simone Deverreaux

Hey Loves!

This month I decided that I was going to showcase quite a few of my favorite crafters, along with an author that I am very close to. Simone Deverreaux had a great idea, and worked towards making it happen. She is the author of a series of books that helps anyone that is trying to become an entrepreneur, a blogger, or vlogger. The cool part about this is that she showcases women! That is just awesome. She is uplifting and praising us while helping build us. 

With that being said please go and download her first E-book which happens to be the introductory book. It is at a low price for such great information.Please click the link, and check it out. Be sure to leave her feedback on the site as well, she would love to hear what you think.  http://www.omgbooks.net/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Simone, thank you so much for letting me feature you, and share your extraordinary gift with my subscribers. You are January’s Fab Crafter!