Nightmare From Hell! Ugh ! Spiral Rods

Perm rods, flexi rods we all know of. Spiral rods we see, but many of us don’t use them. Sigh. I see why!
I purchased a kit of 108 pcs by Soft ‘N Style.


Bright cute colors right ? I got excited mainly because of the colors. I’ve had them since the beginning of summer, and never gave them a try……. till yesterday that is. I had never seen anyone use these and decided to head to YouTube and search for videos. I found about a good four videos , but none of the ladies were using the ones I had. They were the short , fat , blue and white ones. Let’s say I logged off with a mini attitude. ūüė≥
I went in. Grabbed one and saw it was a flat hook at one end , hmmm looks like I am suppose to slide my hair through it. Then I began to fit my hair inside the grooves on the rods . These come with a little clamp that is suppose to hold your hair into place , so the rod won’t fall off your hair.



Each spiral rod comes with it’s own clamp. I like the idea of them, I just need to get the hang of them. I’ll keep practicing until I get the use to them. Practice makes perfect , right?
Since I needed my hair curled and my regular rods were packed up , I had to grab something just as good!


Lol! Thanks guys for reading , I’ll keep you posted on these bad babies! If you go purchase some , let me know how it goes. Smooches!



Ouidad Hmm?

I know its been a while since I’ve posted , but that’s because I been getting ready for baby. I wanted to drop in and share my recent package from Ouidad. I always saw their products posted somewhere and wondered were they any good.Well thanks to one of my swap sisters I was told about a special promotion they were doing were you paid $5.oo for their sample kit, and they will send you two regular sized items. The two full-sized products I received were the 8.5 oz Sun Shield which is a Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray, and the 6 oz Moisture Lock Leave- In Conditioner. I was super excited about these two items because lately I been stocking up on my leave-ins. Right now my hair is braided so I will be testing out this Sun & Sport spray.

I also donated to the breast cancer fund and received a pink Ouidad Curls For A Cure Bracelet which I have on now as I type. I will let you all know how this product works in my hair before the end of the week. By me living in a very hot environment I will definitely see if this Sun & Sport works. It says it protects your curls from environmental factors such as sun,wind, salt and chlorine. Of course it says it seals in moisture. Let’s hope this is true, oookkay.




Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Coil Moistirizing Souffl√© Review

I received a $2.00 off coupon for the new natural line from Dark and Lovely and decided to test out one product. I chose the Coil Moisturizing Souffl√©,because I go for anything that says moisturizing honestly. I paired the product with my lll Sister’s of Natural Curling Gelo for added hold.
I started my flattwist twist out on freshly cowashed hair that I had blown out.


   (Color Spicy Red by Dark & Lovely)

Next,I added my leave in along with the soufflé and curling gelo. Let me mention this product has no hold to it! You have to add a gel for hold for your twist.

Thick and creamy. It’s very light, and does not weigh your hair down.

It honestly smells like Mango and coconut milk,with honey to me. The containers says it has mango oil,and bamboo milk in it. I could stand the smell,so I was definitely happy.

For the retail price I saw at my Walmart $8.79, I’ll say you get a nice amount of product.

It was lightweight
Smells good
Very moisturizing
A little goes a long way
Available just about in any store
Did elongate my twist! (Super happy)


Overall, I would try this product again. I’m curious about the other products in the line now. It did exactly what it promised my making my coils stretched, and it lasted longer than a day. Here’s some pictures of the style with the product used.




        ( My flattwist twist out)


Go out and give this line a try,you might be surprised as well.

It’s A Henna Conditioner?

All of us have heard of henna, and it has the natural community using it for the shine,and added fullness of hair. Let’s not forget to mention its natural and will not harm your natural hair/ curls .
I’m gonna share a secret with you all , ( whispering ) IT’S A HENNA CONDITIONER!!! Yes! It promises to give you the same results as if you were to henna. Results may vary,so I can’t say when you’ll start to notice the shine and highlights.
I have used it on my daughter twice, and I have noticed the difference today. Her hair is so soft, and have this nice shine to it. Her reddish brown hair has highlighted and I didn’t think it would happen so fast. The product is by Nature’s Gate. You can order it online at iherb. Be sure to grab my discount code from the side bar of my blog to save some money. Here’s a picture of the product and my daughter’s hair after conditioning and doing a blowout .


Look at her color! And that shine! This product is a must! I’m adding it to the list of Must For Summer!

lll Sisters Of Nature Curly Pudding

As I stated before with the lll Sister’s Of Nature Curling Gelo, they don’t play! I bought the Curly Whip Pudding the same time I got the Gelo, but didn’t get a chance to use it till this past Saturday. Let’s get into the review.
First off this product is compared to Miss Jesse’s Curly Pudding at a much better price . The first ingredient is water, and that is great. You always want your first ingredient to be water, because you know it’ll hold moisture.



The smell wasn’t bad to me, it actually smells like lavender. It was pleasant, and reminded me of Spring. Directions says to use it to fresh shampooed, and conditioned hair. Even if you hadn’t just cowashed, you can use your spray bottle to wet your hair up. Next it says to apply the whipped pudding in generous amounts throughout hair with fingers evenly,¬† and let hair air dry. Here’s a picture of it in the jar.


Nice and creamy, a little bit goes a long way. Try not to use too much, because it will make your hair sticky. After it dries my advice would be to spray with some oils to soften it up a bit, also add some shine.
Now the final reveal!


Love, Love Love it! I will be using lll
Sisters as my holy grails.  They are some winners. Go check these two products out .