Will It Ever Grow!?


This seems to be every natural’s question. Will my hair ever grow? I’m going to give you some advice my grandmother always told me. “A watched pot never broils” Sure doesn’t. Have you literally just watched a pot to see how long it would take? I have, and boy did it take forever. Same thing with your hair, leave it alone and it will grow.  I promise you.
  Sure co-wash and oil as usual, along with your deep conditioning treatments.  Just don’t be constantly doing hairstyles that cause breakage to your hair.
   Protective styling is also a topic that is always coming up in the natural hair community. Is it necessary? I believe that as long as your ends are well protected ( tucked i. e buns) and not rubbing against your collar or clothes, then breakage should not occur. I happen to know some naturals that do and some that don’t, both have some serious length. It all depends on your hair, what does your hair like.  You’d be surprised at what you would find out if you’d pay close attention to how it reacts to different products. 

  Getting hair this long won’t be a problem for some, but might take a lot of us a while to get to this length. Don’t be frustrated with your length at all. Make it fun by trying different hairstyles throughout your journey. If you have any questions be sure to contact me.