Second Guessing This Loc Journey (2 Weeks In)

Two weeks in and I feel like I made the wrong mistake. I even left a bunch of Facebook hair groups , because I started missing my free flowing hair. Let me just say this. If you have the same grade of hair as mine, which is 3b and 3c. FIne and wavy texture, that will easily curl with just water and hair conditioner, locing will make you mad in the beginning. I was told that I would have to come back in a month after my starter locs were installed, um don’t believe it. My hair is fuzzy in the front, on top of that you all know how fast my hair grows. I have so much new growth it isn’t funny. I twist and twist like a bangee, to make sure it stays tight and skinny. One thing I said from the beginning was I didn’t want thick locs, in which i couldn’t get different styles with. I did want sisterlocs, but honestly speaking I’m sorry, I”m not paying $550 for a install on 2-3 inch hair. Micro locs are just as small, and look just as good. I will be able to style any way I want with these.

Oiling now? I have been told so many ways to take care of my locs, and I appreciate all the help , because I’m new to this. Unfortunately,just like starting my natural hair journey, everything that works for someone else might not work for me. I know people who only use oil, and no conditioner, no deep conditioners, and think they know that is proper curly head hair maintenance. Whatever works for you might not work for everyone else. This one fellow loc head says she has been oiling her starter locs, and others were saying that’s a no, no. I know how my head operates, and I think that will be a better option for me as well. Dry scalp will not grow, so I will oil my scalp to make sure i stays nice and healthy. This is week two, and as I stated I’m not very happy. I will be wearing scarfs, wigs, and other hair accessories until I am happy with my length. My head, my journey,my way. Wish me luck!