CurlyFro Product Review 


I know ! I know! It’s been a while, but you know how it is sometimes, you have every intention on doing something , then life says you’re too busy. Lol. Anyhow, guess what?! I got an awesome product review for you! 

Curly Fro was nice enough to send me three of their products to test and review for my blog. I appreciate them so so much! That package went through a lot to get to me , but it did and that’s all that matters. Let’s get into the review !  


Moisturizing Shampoo 

Size – 8 oz 

Fragrance – Peppermint 

Consistency – Creamy 

I usually don’t use shampoo, but when I do I make sure that it’s a moisturizing shampoo , so that I can make sure that it doesn’t strip my hair , and cause break offs.  This shampoo was wonderful! I made sure to apply the shampoo to my finger tips so I could distribute it on my scalp evenly  since I have braids as a protective style. I liked that I got peppermint since I looooove peppermint , plus it promotes hair growth. The shampoo was very silly feeling , and I could tell just from that , that it was indeed a moisturing shampoo. My scalp was very dry , because I hadn’t washed my hair in three weeks from when I got the braids installed.  


Here you can see the flakes in between the braids. I thought this was a perfect time to test these products out, because my scalp was bad off. 

Hot Oil Treatment  (Lockin and Shine Oil) 

Size – 4oz 

Fragrance – Mixed Oils 
The hot oil treatment wasn’t much of a surprise. If you use oils you know what to expect. So I made sure to wrap my hair in a plastic cap once I added the oils to my scalp. Instantly , I noticed how excellent the shampoo had worked on my scalp. There was so flakes left , and with the oil it did add a nice shine to my braids.  


I’m a bit nervous about my edges since I do have micros, and I said to myself ” let me put extra along my edges ” (that’s why it’s so shiny around my perimeter ) . I left the oils on my scalp for 20 minutes under the hair steamer and then rinsed. After rinsing my hair was still shiny ( which shocked me ), and my scalp was beautiful. 


Size – 4oz 

Fragrance – Smells like a fruity cherry 

After styling my braids back with a headband ,  I went ahead and applied the promade. I use a hard toothbrush to lay my baby hairs down , and this product actually didn’t hold them down , but it did cause then to curl up and shine. That’s not a bad thing, some promades will dry your hairs up , and then they’re dull and horrible looking. 

Products Overall Review 

I would definitely purchase these products myself. I haven’t heard too much about the company, but I believe that after you guys read this I will soon. The products smell wonderful , a little bit of each item I had goes a long way. I liked the fact that the fragrances wasn’t very strong , and the promade smells so good you want to taste it.  Please go check out CurlyFro. Let me know which products of theirs you tried. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.  Thanks again to Curly Fro for the wonderful products , and allowing me to review them.  

                                 Love , 


Perm Rod Challenge

Hi Ladies!
Are you starting to feel like you have nothing to do with your hair ? Usually in your awkward twa stage , you start to feel defeated. Well , well , I got something for u! A wonderful challenge you can do , that will actually allow you to maintain length. Perm rods!
Perm rods are an effective way to get gorgeous curls without adding heat. Also , you can do all type of fun styles with them for work, and play. Not sure on which ones to purchase? Here’s a chart to help you out .


Following this chart will help you get the look you are going for. Plus , you can go to the BSS to check them out in person.


How many packs do you need ?

I would say buy 5 to 6 packs just to be safe. It never can hurt to have too many , but it sure can hurt if you don’t have enough. Lol! Trust me , you will be highly mad if you run out of rods , and have to leave out to get more.

Motions Wrap Lotion
ORS Wrap Lotion
Lotta Body Foam

Oils ( your favorite ones, of course)

Make sure that you let your hair completely dry before removing your rods. Also, another tip is that you can separate each curl , twisting strand by strand of you don’t like the big curl look. I know some people don’t know that , well now u do.
I hope this have gave you all a few ideas to do with your hair. Try Mohawks , Flat Twist on the sides , and or a hump in the front to accompany your curls. Good luck !


Baby Amir Has Starter Locs

Hello Everyone! 

I am so excited to share that my 16month old has starter locs! His journey started on November 30, 2014. He did cry during the process, and wanted his blankie. All in all I think it went well. His dad and I decided to let him habe them now , then based on how society is one he gets in middle school we’ll decide to cut them or not . 

Journey Started 11/30/14

Journey Started 11/30/14

Back View

Back View

Side View

Side View

I am going to wash his locs in a month, and till then mist with the lemon and sea salt mixture. I really don’t think he’ll have a problem locing since his hair is like a 4B. The length we aiming for is shoulder length, then anything longer we will cut off. If you would like to follow his journey follow on instagram @princebaby_amir. 


Second Guessing This Loc Journey (2 Weeks In)

Two weeks in and I feel like I made the wrong mistake. I even left a bunch of Facebook hair groups , because I started missing my free flowing hair. Let me just say this. If you have the same grade of hair as mine, which is 3b and 3c. FIne and wavy texture, that will easily curl with just water and hair conditioner, locing will make you mad in the beginning. I was told that I would have to come back in a month after my starter locs were installed, um don’t believe it. My hair is fuzzy in the front, on top of that you all know how fast my hair grows. I have so much new growth it isn’t funny. I twist and twist like a bangee, to make sure it stays tight and skinny. One thing I said from the beginning was I didn’t want thick locs, in which i couldn’t get different styles with. I did want sisterlocs, but honestly speaking I’m sorry, I”m not paying $550 for a install on 2-3 inch hair. Micro locs are just as small, and look just as good. I will be able to style any way I want with these.

Oiling now? I have been told so many ways to take care of my locs, and I appreciate all the help , because I’m new to this. Unfortunately,just like starting my natural hair journey, everything that works for someone else might not work for me. I know people who only use oil, and no conditioner, no deep conditioners, and think they know that is proper curly head hair maintenance. Whatever works for you might not work for everyone else. This one fellow loc head says she has been oiling her starter locs, and others were saying that’s a no, no. I know how my head operates, and I think that will be a better option for me as well. Dry scalp will not grow, so I will oil my scalp to make sure i stays nice and healthy. This is week two, and as I stated I’m not very happy. I will be wearing scarfs, wigs, and other hair accessories until I am happy with my length. My head, my journey,my way. Wish me luck!


New Journey! Loc’d Free

Oct 18,2014 I had my locs installed

Oct 18,2014 I had my locs installed

Wow! Wow! That’s all I can say and think. After being natural for exactly 2 years and 10 months, I big chopped AGAIN! A lot of my subscribers got the first look on my Facebook page , and asked why. First, I love experimenting with my hair. Its just hair , it will grow back.

I didn’t want to mix hair journeys , and really wanted to see my progress from a new beginning. With that being said I’m super excited. I love my hair and can’t believe how well the short twist fits my face. Here’s a few pictures of my hair twisted .

The Crown Area

The Crown Area

Side and Front View

Side and Front View

I can’t wait to see how long they are by my birthday in December. I will make sure to try k these journey just like I did my natural hair one with free flowing hair. Look out for my starter loc maintance piece.


Nightmare From Hell! Ugh ! Spiral Rods

Perm rods, flexi rods we all know of. Spiral rods we see, but many of us don’t use them. Sigh. I see why!
I purchased a kit of 108 pcs by Soft ‘N Style.


Bright cute colors right ? I got excited mainly because of the colors. I’ve had them since the beginning of summer, and never gave them a try……. till yesterday that is. I had never seen anyone use these and decided to head to YouTube and search for videos. I found about a good four videos , but none of the ladies were using the ones I had. They were the short , fat , blue and white ones. Let’s say I logged off with a mini attitude. 😳
I went in. Grabbed one and saw it was a flat hook at one end , hmmm looks like I am suppose to slide my hair through it. Then I began to fit my hair inside the grooves on the rods . These come with a little clamp that is suppose to hold your hair into place , so the rod won’t fall off your hair.



Each spiral rod comes with it’s own clamp. I like the idea of them, I just need to get the hang of them. I’ll keep practicing until I get the use to them. Practice makes perfect , right?
Since I needed my hair curled and my regular rods were packed up , I had to grab something just as good!


Lol! Thanks guys for reading , I’ll keep you posted on these bad babies! If you go purchase some , let me know how it goes. Smooches!



That Girl Done Got Locs

I decided to get loc’d up! Yes I did ! I’ll be three years natural Dec 13, 2014 , and I said let me do something different. My sis , along with other members of my family are loc’d and I do love their heads. I don’t like the bigger locs, so I decided to get sister locs. Micro locs or sister locs are basically the same thing. They are small in size , and you can still do various hairstyles on them. Now you guys know I change my hair all the time , that’s how I knew if I was going to loc it would be by getting these. Lots of people say it takes about 24 hours to finish , but I believe that’s because they’re slow , or either take frequent breaks in between. Altogether mine took about 4-6 hours top. I have 400 locs and my hair is very full.





I have been researching how to take care of them, along with asking help from my sis who has had hers going on a year now. I decided to get these three products first from the Jamaican Lime line first . Until my hair actually starts to bud and all that, I didn’t see the use for the other products. Here’s the products I did get.


After finishing I did oil my scalp with my favorite oil mix, that I shared with you guys before in previous post , and sprayed with the itch spray. I love my hair so much! Another hair journey to share with you all! If you have my questions be sure to ask!

Follow my loc journey on Instagram @CelestialStar_James

Love ,

Fabolous Curlie’s Fierce Curly Feature -Rhonda

Hello Curlies! I’m sharing another beauty with you all that I find amazing, She isn’t afraid to try new hair colors on her natural hair, and rocks any color with style with pure fierceness. Here’s Rhonda’s hair story!


How long have you been natural, what made you decide to stop chemically processing your hair?

I been natural for about 5 years give or take a few months. I decided to go natural after my Physician suggested it, because I had migraines on a regular basis.

Do you follow a regular hair regimen?

I am a product junkie, but for the most part I actually do follow the same routine just different products from time to time.

What is their favorite hairstyle to wear?

Wash and Go when my hair is short and manageable. When I get some length on it I usually wear twists, then twistouts, bantu knots, or braidouts.

What is your favorite thing about your natural curls?

The fact that I can go out in the rain and not care about the curls falling or my hair getting wet, too frizzy. I just go where I want to go without stressing.

What is the one pain in the butt when it comes to being natural? 

Combing it out and keeping it moisturized

What are your top three favorite products?

Oyin, SFHS by Coiffed Cafe, Darcy Botanicals

Did you chop or transition? 

I did both at different times. The first time I went natural I transitioned then I permed. The second time I cut it off and had a TWA. I have let it grow out and chopped it about four times since I been natural. I chopped if off about a month ago making it #4!!

What advice would you give someone that wanted to try being natural, but don’t know how to start?

Read as much as you can. Join some Natural hair forums on facebook and read blogs. Get educated then pick what’s best for you, big chop or transition. Don’t get discouraged and have a support group to cheer you on.
                                                 Fierce Curly Feature -Rhonda
photo 2 (2)
photo 3 (2)
Thank you Rhonda so much for sharing your natural hair story with us. I think its really important that other naturals have someone that they can relate to while going through the motions of getting to know their own curls. You are Fabolous! You are Fierce! From this day forth you are a Fierce Fabolous Curlie! 

Weight Lifting and Muscle Definition

It’s going on month two since I’ve started exercising heavily, and just acting a fool on the elliptical. I decided to share with you my favorite protein smoothie recipe. Usually I don’t do this , but in order for my hair to be as long and beautiful as I dream , I have to take care of my body inside as well.

GNC Total Lean Vanilla Bean Protein ( 2 scoops )
Frozen Mangos
100% Natural Honey
Vanilla Almond Milk Unsweetened (8oz)

Blend all together in your blender.

This is also a meal replacement. You can drink two in a day, and pick if you will have a meal for breakfast , lunch or dinner. Happy Exercising !



Knots N Tangles Crochet Works ( Fabolous Curlies Fierce Crafter)

I love original pieces! Anything that I know that can be made just for me, and I love pieces that are creative. I have a special treat this month for you, crocheted designs! These items are not like the ones our grannies use to crochet, these are funky! Jada Davis is the owner and creator of Knots N Tangles Crochet Works. She can make anything from earrings, necklaces, down to bikinis! Yes , I said bikinis. When I first saw the swim suit she made, I said that girl has skills. Her talents doesn’t just stop there , she also makes edible body butters. How cool is that? I’m so excited, let’s learn a few things about Knots N Tangles 

How long have you been a crafter ?
I have been a crafter for 4 years now
Are all your pieces one of a kind?
No all of my pieces are not one of a kind, because crochet items can easily be duplicated by another crafter as crochet patterns float around like pollen in the air
Do you make  pieces for children as well?
Yes I make items for children as well. Custom orders can be placed for children items
What type of materials do you use ? Are some hypoallergenic ? 
I use acrylic yarn, cotton yarn various charms, thread and glass beads. Yes all of the items that I use are hypoallergenic
Do you see yourself going further with this or is this just a hobby?
Yes I see myself going further with this. Crocheting it is not just a hobby but a way of life, as it provides me with an income as well as a way to relax.
What is your favorite piece to crochet?
My favorite items to crochet are accessories. They generally don’t take long because of their size so I can produce more of them at a faster rate
I see you’re natural? How do your pieces add flair to someone’s natural identity ?
I definitely do pieces as flag to someones natural hair identity. I make hair bows and flower hair clips as well as satin lined hair beanies for those lazy or bad hair days.
Thank you so much Jada for allowing me  to review your shop. I love all your pieces, and wish you much success. 
You can order the styles you see below and more at-
 Jada has excellent customer service, and quick shipping. She works with you if you have a certain image in your mind, and she brings it alive. You will not be disappointed at all in her products. Thank you once again Knots N Tangles Crochet Works!