Moisture. Moisture and more Moisture. By NaturallyChar



Before I big chopped all I read about were women who experienced that dry spell after their BC. Many responded that hair needs a moisture overload.  Greenhouse effect, baggy, co-wash, porosity. Am I the only one that had the *blank stare.* Of course I didn’t want my hair to be like a bird’s nest, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. When did being natural become so complicated? I had to look at my hair as a science project.  Natural hair thrives off of water. Where we ran from it when we were relaxed, we can now walk in the rain (unless you’re wearing a killer outfit). The BIG question was how was I to get this moisture?



Many women frown upon this. The idea of not using shampoo is just ghastly. In my opinion this actually benefited my hair in the beginning. Co-washing is just washing your hair with conditioner only. Who says conditioner can’tcleansing? Use it as you would shampoo. It’s best to start off with the inexpensive ones (VO5, Suave, Herbal Essence). Lather it in your hair. I found it easier to do this while in the shower. Use this time to detangle as well. You can co-wash every day or a few times a week. It’s up to you. My moisture level increased with this method.



The best invention since sliced bread for natural hair. With a good deep conditioner and some steam, your hair will be singing hallelujah to the Heavens. Best investment I ever made and it cost less than a $100.  Steam allows the hair follicle’s to lift up to allow moisture into the hair shaft. A must if you have low porous hair. I would steam my hair about twice a week in the beginning and now just one a week. My hair would feel like butta afterwards. Just writing about it makes me want to plug it up right now. I have the LCL steamer that can be purchased at Love it. 20 minutes is all it takes.

                              In the long run getting that moisture wasn’t as hard as some made it to be.