After Midnight Fun


Guess what I did ? I colored my hair! I decided that I was tired of my brown and light brown streaked hair , and wanted something fun. Now remember when I colored my hair Indigo Blue with Adore ? Well I wanted to go back blue. This time I used blue black from Revlon and Manic Panic After Midnight Blue. I work in an office setting so I couldn’t make it as bright as I wanted to. I’m happy with my results. I left them both in for 30 minutes and rinsed. In about two weeks in going to add manic panic to my conditioner and let it sit in about an hour only in my front.  Now let’s talk about the health of curls after I did this. No , I DID NOT BLEACH! Manic Panic takes very well without you having to. You can leave it on over night for a very bold and rich color. It’s is 100% vegan , so u are ok.  The Revlon took too , because I went to a darker color not a lighter one. I’m so happy with my results. I have been continuing to deep condition once a week, and rinse with my cold water. Have my dye ran ? No. Which surprised me because when I used the purple in Manic Panic and the Vampire Red , it got all over my hands. Idk , maybe this color is the good guy. Lol.  Well if you have any questions about Manic Panic be sure to hit me up. 



Purple Swag

Yes!  I DID!  I colored my hair Ultra Violet by Manic Panic. I did a video too that I’ll post tomorrow for you all tomorrow, have to do some editing. Anyhow, I just had to share a quick picture


This color got me dancing all in the mirror. I was actually scared to do other at first, because I was wondering if it would Iook right on me. I think it does,so I’m safe. Can’t wait till Dec 13th! I’ll then do a blow out or flat iron to see my true length. I’ll post the video tomorrow for you all.
                        Much Love,