What What! Flat Twistout lasts 5 Days!?

I can’t believe it! When I applied my product to my hair and began twisted I said to myself “this is going to be a bomb twistout, and I’m going to get big hair”.

Products Used
Entwine – Creme Jelle Styler
Oil Mixture
Hicks Edge Control

I made sure that my leave-in was applied, because I’m getting wonderful growth, and I don’t need my ends breaking. I started flat twisting really tight and small. I learned with my hair I have to or my roots will end up straight. I want wavy roots as well . My flat twists stayed in my head for three days before I took them down.


Day 1


Day 4


Day 5

Wow! By day 5 I was seriously feeling myself! I love when the twistout gets old, because that’s when it looks the best. I think I could had made it a week, but I just conditioned the next day, because I’m ready to start my protective style challenge. My advice is to just make sure at night you pineapple, and if u can’t just tie your scarf around your head where the knot is on your forehead. That’s it loves! Till next time!