Garnier BB Cream ” One Of My Summer Must For Oily Skin”

Thanks to BzzAgent I was invited to take part in this Campaign! I did not pay anything for this product, and I’m just reviewing it. This is my own opinion of the product.

First let me say that I have oily skin. Yes, Yes! I have told you guys plenty of times that I have a problem with this. My makeups have to be for the oily skin individual, and I keep to the same face regimen or I’d be in a messed up situation. Don’t laugh, I’m like so serious. Now I have been using this BB cream from Garnier in medium/deep not deep. Since I’m chocolate most people assumed I would always choose deep. Um, no no. Why? I had this tiny inkling feeling that the coloring might be off for me only because I had saw some videos on Youtube. I prayed and prayed I was right, and Viola! I was!  Here’s a quick tip if you happen to pick a cream too light. All you have to do is add a dime size of your regular foundation to it and you should be okay.

The Texture– It is smooth, and silky. Trust me when I say a tad bit goes a long way. I think you’d be able to wear this one container for like six months if you do it right. I know I have another container that I’ve had almost six months now, and it’s still a lot in there.

Price– Remember I got this tube for free, but I did go and do some research and it’s running between $10-$12. I don’t know how some of your pockets are, but I was like ookkkayy. Hmm.

Pros- The oily skin one is the truth! Listen, when I tell you I went the whole day oil free, I went the whole day oil free. I did put on me a  mineral powder at the end, but that’s something we should all do anyway to set the makeup.

A small amount is all that’s needed, it spreads very well for the whole face. I would say a quarter size is more than enough, but that was just for me. You all know how you like your makeup so it’s really up to you.

It didn’t stain my fingers when some got on them if any. I was able to rinse what little got on me with no problem.

Cons- The price really isn’t that cheap if you’re a student or someone on a budget. I know for myself I’m subscribed to numerous boxes and have to be careful not to send my hubby into a hissy fit.  Looking in your local newspaper or magazines for coupons, I always see them for Garnier everywhere.

I rate this product a 9

It would be perfect for summer when you want to be out in the sun, or walk around downtown. Great product!


I Got The Galaxy On My Nails

If you are a subscriber to my instagram @Silkremi, then you have seen my latest nail creation. I did the galaxy finally! I have been trying to these nails for days now, and never got around to it. It’s easy to do, and you can use any color combination you like. Here’s my colors used


Top and Base Coat, A White, A light Pink and Silver Glitter, A Dark Blue, A bright Pink, and Black ( not shown) for my base
A makeup sponge is needed also.

To get started just paint each nail with a color you want for your base. I used black so I could have a more dramatic effect. Now u will take any color you decide and apply it on your nail in a small dot going in any direction you choose. Work fast with the sponge blotting in the direction to give the paint a textured look. Keep doing this overlaying the colors in any order you like. When you’re done adding the colors you will have your galaxy. This next parr is important, this is to add your stars at the end. Take the white nail polish and using the brush carefully dot it on your nails in places you want the star look. (Dots). Take your top coat and go over your nail, and you should have a high shine and immediately see your creation.  Apply the glitter polish you chose to add to the stars.



There you have it! Send pics of your creations so I can showcase them on the blog. I’d love to see what you all come up with. Much love! ♥♥♥♥♥

Plastic Surgery With Makeup


Lol! I’m laughing at this blog title because it’s so true. Makeup can do some amazing things, you just got to know how to use it. As of today I’m in my second trimester 18 weeks +4 days. My girl friend was like honey your nose has spread. Now anyone that knows me , know I hate my nose already. Seriously. Anywhoo, today I decided to contour my face. Well I be! I love it. Like seriously. 1 point for mommy, 0 baby. In the war of the spreading nose I won. I used Revlon Photoready foundation Maybelline fit me concealer, and my contour  foundation brush.Make sure you pick the correct tones or you won’t get the right look when applying. Also, be sure to highlight areas you want to stand out, that’s the trick. Love ♥