“Jewels By Adina” Company Feature

  Hey ! 

 It’s that time again for me to feature one of my favorite companies! This time I went to a local accessory designer Aina Freeman! She created the  prettiest bracelet sets for me while I was pregnant with my Prince Amir, and I swore when I started this piece on the blog she would be among the first  featured. With that being said let’s get into it !

 When did you realize you had a gift for jewelry making?

 I realized I had this gift not too long after I started making jewelry.  I initially made several different sets,  earrings   and bracelets,  and I would get a lot of compliments. I was always asked, ‘Where did you get  these from?” And I  always replied, “I made them  myself.” I remember someone actually bought the  earrings and bracelets I was  wearing one day – they were bright pink and  white. So for the remainder of    the day, I had on no jewelry. I felt so  naked. LOL!!


How do you come up with the different ideas for you creations?

 I honestly go to my closet for my ideas. I think I have every single color in my closet. I would get  inspiration from  my  everyday clothes I would wear during the week. If I didn’t have jewelry to wear  to match my outfit, I would go  to my  beads and put something together. If I didn’t that particular  color, I would go buy it and make something. I  also get  great ideas from my customers. I would  show samples of what I’ve made previously, make suggestions  and they  would pick and choose  different items they like. From there I would be able to narrow down a few  different pieces.
 I like how you make sure that you’re affordable. Do you believe that since your prices are so low  that it’s easier  for  customers to make special orders? 
Yes I do. I actually started because of the insane prices some people would charge for beaded  jewelry (necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets). Who wants to pay $50+ for a couple bracelets? Not  me. Most of the items I have purchased were very poorly made and not worth what I spent for  them. I make sure my customers are happy with the selected beads before I even start making  their item(s). If they like the beads to begin with, I know they will be pleased with the outcome. A happy customer is a repeat customer right?
  How do your pieces fit in with you being natural, or another natural?
 Choosing to wear your hair natural and your style of clothing are forms of expression. I have lots of accessories in my  arsenal. When you have a lot      going  on already (outfit, shoes, scarf, afro puff, handbag, big fro, flower, headwrap, two strand  twists, updo, etc.), simple, sparkly, custom-made jewels  would  complete any outfit. You can never rock too much arm candy. 


 For Ordering Information, and Custom Design Request please email Miss Adina at :

 xxadinaxx@gmail.com with the word “jewelry” in the subject line.  
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