Activated Charcoal = White Teeth


I’m sure that you have heard the craze about the newest beauty secret for a great smile, and you had questions about it. Activated Charcoal has been out for years, and people have been using it to whiten their teeth, and to lighten up scars . I decided to try it myself on my teeth to see how great the results would actually be. In the picture above it shows the brand that I bought with my own funds to test the product out. Make sure that you are using activated charcoal, not charcoal you use on the grill. This charcoal an be consumed , and the other cannot. YOU WILL GET VERY SICK from using the wrong one.


Items Needed 


Tooth Brush (Preferably a dark bristled one because using white will look yucky)

A small cup ( To dump the charcoal and pour water in to make a paste)

Tooth Paste

Mouth Wash ( optional )


Unscrew 1 or 2 vegetable capsules and empty the charcoal into the small cup

Put only a small amount of water into the cup, enough to make a paste

Brush your teeth with the charcoal paste, and tongue

After you are finished brushing , with the charcoal still on teeth brush your teeth with your regular tooth paste

Be sure to brush your tongue as well.

Gargle with mouth wash once you’re finished

Here are the pictures of the charcoal on my teeth , and once I brushed them and used mouth wash. You will see results immediately , and will want to do this every day . This is my results after doing this two days in a row. The charcoal basically is a stain remover , and will pull all stains from your teeth. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you will want to try this, because coffee does stain your teeth. I will be following back up with you all at the end of my bottle of charcoal so you can see how much of a whiting I got. If you decide to try this, let me know your results.

Stay FAB!


Loreal Cleansing Balm : Truth or Sad Story?



Loreal EverCurl

















I have a new and exciting product that I want to review . Now it’s really not new, but it’s new to my curls. It’s the Loreal EverCurl 6 in 1 Cleansing Balm.  Influenster sent me the product to review for free, and to give my honest opinion.

First off it did not have a strong fragrance , which I loved. I hate opening a product to begin sneezing like a nut. The pump in my opinion is too small, which means to get a nice amount of product you have to keep pumping continuously. The consistency is rich and creamy, which I like. It didn’t feel soapy (slippery and sticky). You get a nice small lather just to let you know it has a cleansing agent in it. Then the whole conditioning affect takes over, and you start feeling your hair softening up. Would I use the product again ? Yes! I actually want to try their other products in the EverCurl line now. You do receive a lot of product in the bottle too, so you won’t feel cheated. Try it! Then report bk to me how you liked it!



“We Gon Sweat This Hair Out, Literally!”


Everytime I think about doing this challenge with myself I giggle. What Challenge Free? Honey, this cayenne pepper mess. Now let me say I did do my castor oil challenge with a few naturals from CurlyNikki last July, and been using it ever since. My mane loves it, so I’m all happy with it. To give you all some quick info let me tell you why scientist say that this really works. By now you all should know me, I’m not one to listen to whoever on Instagram, or these forums because they have long hair, I really do my research. Red pepper contains capsicum which  is a skin irritant that will allow for rapid cell construction, improved blood circulation and hair re-growth. The improvement in blood circulation is important to stimulate the hair follicles and prevent DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from attaching to the hair follicles.Why we don’t want that to happen? 

If DHT is formed and attaches to the hair follicle, it will block nutrients from getting to the hair strand and hair follicle. By doing this it will eventually cause the hair strand to fall out and the hair follicle to die. Now here is when I feel a little bad. They experimented with this on mice. Yes! They did! Well it worked! Those little bald spots filled up on their little bodies like no tomorrow.

With all that being said, I’m going to start tomorrow with this challenge. I will do updates every two weeks with the front of my head, since that’s the main part I want to grow. The question is how long will I do this? Hmm, everyone did a month, so I’m thinking it would be fun to do it longer, just to be different. Let‘s say till I have my son, which is the beginning of August. 

The Recipe

Whole Cayenne Peppers

Dark Jar

Favorite Oil

Rosemary Oil


Place the whole peppers in the dark jar with your favorite oil covering them for ten days. After ten days remove the peppers and use the oil. It is totally on you how you want to do this. Use it as a deep conditioner aid, or as a leave in. How many days a week to use? Again, totally up to you. Now you might see various ways to doing this, but do the one best for you. I’ll be posting a follow up sometime this week.








BodyRock Works!

Hey everyone! 
I just had to come on and tell y’all how my bodyrocking is going. I’m officially done with my 30 day challenge and look Great! Like for real, I’m smoking!  I really recommend you to give it a try,come on it’s only 12 minute exercises that you do once a day for five days out the week,with Saturday and Sundays being your rest days.Now out of those five days, a few are yoga days, so you’re not doing the same thing over and over. Here’s a pic of me now


Yes! I’m too happy. I would like to give extra applause to the sandbag and squats. You two are the best!  Hope this motivate you all to give it a try. Also,remember you don’t have to stop eating all the foods you like to lose weight,just eat smaller portions and cut back on sweets.

Soreness Of The Scalp (Chemo And Natural Hair Care)


One of the most frustrating things cancer victims have to go through is the loss of their hair. Along with the loss, is pain and tenderness of the scalp. This pain is due to the chemotherapy medicine damaging the hair follicle cells.  It is suggested that before you start chemo it is best to shave off your hair. Shaving off your hair helps ease the pain of the scalp when chemo begins. I wish I followed these suggestions when I started chemo because I wouldn’t have suffered such discomfort. All I did was cut my hair down low into a TWA. Several weeks after I started chemo, my hair began to come out in clumps. Along with that came the pain and tenderness.

Laying my head on a pillow was very painful. Satin scarves, bonnets and pillow cases didn’t help either. While getting chemo one day at the cancer center, I was going through a basket of knitted caps that were donated by local volunteers and knitter. I selected several caps and tried them on to see what would fit me. It turns out they were just perfect for my sore scalp.  I then wore them all the time. What a relief to lay my head down in comfort. To get some relief from the soreness I would rub aloe vera  gel fresh from the plant unto my scalp. I would mix olive and jojoba oil to keep my scalp well moisturized.  This also helped with the soreness and made my scalp soft.

The pain and tenderness does eventually go away with time. One thing to remember; our scalp is an extension of the skin on the rest of our body. The same way we buy numerous skin care products to pamper our bodies is the same way we should pamper our scalps.

Below are two images of women who have lost their hair to cancer.



Love, Peamy


Moisture. Moisture and more Moisture. By NaturallyChar



Before I big chopped all I read about were women who experienced that dry spell after their BC. Many responded that hair needs a moisture overload.  Greenhouse effect, baggy, co-wash, porosity. Am I the only one that had the *blank stare.* Of course I didn’t want my hair to be like a bird’s nest, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. When did being natural become so complicated? I had to look at my hair as a science project.  Natural hair thrives off of water. Where we ran from it when we were relaxed, we can now walk in the rain (unless you’re wearing a killer outfit). The BIG question was how was I to get this moisture?



Many women frown upon this. The idea of not using shampoo is just ghastly. In my opinion this actually benefited my hair in the beginning. Co-washing is just washing your hair with conditioner only. Who says conditioner can’tcleansing? Use it as you would shampoo. It’s best to start off with the inexpensive ones (VO5, Suave, Herbal Essence). Lather it in your hair. I found it easier to do this while in the shower. Use this time to detangle as well. You can co-wash every day or a few times a week. It’s up to you. My moisture level increased with this method.



The best invention since sliced bread for natural hair. With a good deep conditioner and some steam, your hair will be singing hallelujah to the Heavens. Best investment I ever made and it cost less than a $100.  Steam allows the hair follicle’s to lift up to allow moisture into the hair shaft. A must if you have low porous hair. I would steam my hair about twice a week in the beginning and now just one a week. My hair would feel like butta afterwards. Just writing about it makes me want to plug it up right now. I have the LCL steamer that can be purchased at Love it. 20 minutes is all it takes.

                              In the long run getting that moisture wasn’t as hard as some made it to be.



Sofnfree Not For Me

Hey ladies!

This is a review on Sofnfree Grow Healthy Hair Products. I was actually sent the products free of charge from M&M Products. The items sent were

  • Nothing But Curly Pudding
  • Nothing But Curl Sealer
  • Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner (Co Wash)

Now all the products are free of petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants,phthalates. This is safe for the CG Method. Who do I think should use theses products? Babies, and people with fine hair. I used all the above items on my 17 month old and my oldest who has very thick hair. The first thing I did was co wash my youngest and then applied the pudding, and sealer. Instantly her head was full of lumpy curls, and full of shine. Due to the amount of product left I used the product on my oldest bang, because I knew I had more than enough to see if it worked just as well on her hair.

Um, no! It did not do anything for her curl pattern. However, her hair was soft, and smelled good like coconuts. Her hair type is 3B & 3C, but she has thick hair. I would rate this product a 4 out of five for babies, and fine hair. I wouldn’t give it a five because the scent is a bit strong. The consistency was pretty thick for the pudding which I love. I love a thick pudding, that way you only have to use a small amount. Overall, the products aren’t bad at all. Hope this is useful to someone.  Love,


I’m A Curly Girl- By NaturallyChar

Your probably wondering what in the world is she talking about. When I first big chopped March 7th 2012, I had the slightest idea where to begin. I was on sites like Curly Nikki and NaturallyCurly getting an overload of information. When it came down to me actually putting this info to use I drew a blank. So, I was cowashing like crazy with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and using Eco Styler gel. Both are good products, but I knew my hair needed more. Thus came upon me the Curly Girl Method. Now I know plenty of you have heard of it, but many are still not sure what the whole method is about. The Curly Girl Method was put together by Lorraine Massey. If you want to know more about her visit this site:  The process is all about eliminating sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral and castor oil from your hair regime. You might give me the yuck face when I say this, but I haven’t shampooed my hair since March 2012 when I started the method. Who says that shampoo is the only way to clean your hair? I clean my hair with conditioner and either leave it in my hair or apply a leave-in conditioner.  Since black hair loves water this works for ME. Depending on your hair it may take between 2-8 weeks for your hair to adjust. This process has helped with moisture, curl clumping, and overall hair health. So, feel free to inbox or just ask what questions you have on being a CG.

Peace. Love and Water

WARNING: The CG Method isn’t for everyone. Some people’s hair actually does well with silicones.