Christmas Fun Makeup Looks!

Count down to Christmas!
Let’s have some fun with all that makeup you have stocked all around your room .I will create a different Christmas look all the way up to Dec 25th just for you! This will give us all something fun to do with our little ones as well. Every look I do will be okay to do on the little ones as well, but if u feel some are a bit much u can take it down.
Now our first look is what I call

The Red & Gold Christmas Ornament


Eye Base
NYX Milk Pencil or Shadow

Eye shadow

Glitter Eye shadow
Red Glitter Eye shadow Gel by L.A Girl

Maybelline Black Gel Liner

EOS for moisture
NYX – Lip Pencil In Hazelnut
Covergirl Flip Stick – Gold/Brown
Hard Candy Candy Apple Red Lip Gloss

Hard Candy – Gold Pencil and Gold Glitter EyeShadow