CurlyFro Product Review 


I know ! I know! It’s been a while, but you know how it is sometimes, you have every intention on doing something , then life says you’re too busy. Lol. Anyhow, guess what?! I got an awesome product review for you! 

Curly Fro was nice enough to send me three of their products to test and review for my blog. I appreciate them so so much! That package went through a lot to get to me , but it did and that’s all that matters. Let’s get into the review !  


Moisturizing Shampoo 

Size – 8 oz 

Fragrance – Peppermint 

Consistency – Creamy 

I usually don’t use shampoo, but when I do I make sure that it’s a moisturizing shampoo , so that I can make sure that it doesn’t strip my hair , and cause break offs.  This shampoo was wonderful! I made sure to apply the shampoo to my finger tips so I could distribute it on my scalp evenly  since I have braids as a protective style. I liked that I got peppermint since I looooove peppermint , plus it promotes hair growth. The shampoo was very silly feeling , and I could tell just from that , that it was indeed a moisturing shampoo. My scalp was very dry , because I hadn’t washed my hair in three weeks from when I got the braids installed.  


Here you can see the flakes in between the braids. I thought this was a perfect time to test these products out, because my scalp was bad off. 

Hot Oil Treatment  (Lockin and Shine Oil) 

Size – 4oz 

Fragrance – Mixed Oils 
The hot oil treatment wasn’t much of a surprise. If you use oils you know what to expect. So I made sure to wrap my hair in a plastic cap once I added the oils to my scalp. Instantly , I noticed how excellent the shampoo had worked on my scalp. There was so flakes left , and with the oil it did add a nice shine to my braids.  


I’m a bit nervous about my edges since I do have micros, and I said to myself ” let me put extra along my edges ” (that’s why it’s so shiny around my perimeter ) . I left the oils on my scalp for 20 minutes under the hair steamer and then rinsed. After rinsing my hair was still shiny ( which shocked me ), and my scalp was beautiful. 


Size – 4oz 

Fragrance – Smells like a fruity cherry 

After styling my braids back with a headband ,  I went ahead and applied the promade. I use a hard toothbrush to lay my baby hairs down , and this product actually didn’t hold them down , but it did cause then to curl up and shine. That’s not a bad thing, some promades will dry your hairs up , and then they’re dull and horrible looking. 

Products Overall Review 

I would definitely purchase these products myself. I haven’t heard too much about the company, but I believe that after you guys read this I will soon. The products smell wonderful , a little bit of each item I had goes a long way. I liked the fact that the fragrances wasn’t very strong , and the promade smells so good you want to taste it.  Please go check out CurlyFro. Let me know which products of theirs you tried. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.  Thanks again to Curly Fro for the wonderful products , and allowing me to review them.  

                                 Love , 


Naturals Be Running From The Grease


For the last two nights I have been using this Blue Magic hair grease in my head with water, twist and then tie my head up to maintain moisture. Many naturals run and scream like you’ve sprayed them in the face with pepper spray when you mention hair grease. Honestly, it is rather great in your hair, and the moisture stays in for days. You don’t have to keep putting in product every day like most products that they gear towards natural hair.

When I was a young girl my hair was always apl , and my granny used Royal Crown, Blue Magic , and this one particular leave in conditioner, and I never had split ends or damaged hair. Why fix something that isn’t broken. I will continue to use this method at night for the remainder of the month. Hopefully I will reach my goal of even apl length all over my head. If there are any of you out there looking for a great way to seal and lock in the moisture, try this and see what happens. If you don’t like it just co-wash or wash it out.



Are Some ladies Taking Natural Too Far? Part 2

A lot of times when people think of the natural hair community they image us with hip huggers, bright-colored lipsticks, and big ol circle earrings. Do you get offended by this, or do you embrace it because you yourself thinks that’s what its all about? Scrolling through a lot of our social media websites I do see women who are natural coloring their hair these bold colors, and rocking fashion in the many colors of the rainbows. I can’t help but to wonder were these women the same ones who fought for attention back in the day. Are they using natural hair to stand out amongst their creamy crack user girlfriends?

Don’t get me wrong it is entertaining to look at until one person take it too far, or many. A lot of these women are copying looks they see on the runway or in magazines, sorry that is not a look to wear out everyday. I thought being natural was wanting to make sure your hair got the proper nourishment and remained fly without a perm, for me that is.

Also, what gets to be a bother is when natural hair communities makes up all these rules on their own telling you what a natural is supposed to do, and not do. Hello? Who made you Chief Hair No Lye? This is a major turn off and DO give the natural hair community a bad reputation. Stop listening and following everyone that another person like just because the majority loves them. My advice is to find you a natural hair beauty that you can relate to, that you feel YOU can learn the most from. Stop running on Instagram counting followers to pick your hair crush, some of those women need to go back and get their hair together.

I hope I didn’t make anyone upset, and if I did I’m sorry. My blog is o keeping it real, and giving honest reviews. This has been a hair check for most of you, are you being naturally yourself?