Loreal Cleansing Balm : Truth or Sad Story?



Loreal EverCurl

















I have a new and exciting product that I want to review . Now it’s really not new, but it’s new to my curls. It’s the Loreal EverCurl 6 in 1 Cleansing Balm.  Influenster sent me the product to review for free, and to give my honest opinion.

First off it did not have a strong fragrance , which I loved. I hate opening a product to begin sneezing like a nut. The pump in my opinion is too small, which means to get a nice amount of product you have to keep pumping continuously. The consistency is rich and creamy, which I like. It didn’t feel soapy (slippery and sticky). You get a nice small lather just to let you know it has a cleansing agent in it. Then the whole conditioning affect takes over, and you start feeling your hair softening up. Would I use the product again ? Yes! I actually want to try their other products in the EverCurl line now. You do receive a lot of product in the bottle too, so you won’t feel cheated. Try it! Then report bk to me how you liked it!



Ohhh LaLa TRESemme!


Look ah here! Look ah here! TRESemme went and got some new products on the shelves. As usual I was intrigued when I saw their Flawless Curl Hydration line for curly and wavy hair.  The items in the line is as follows

                                   TRESemme Flawless CurlsCurl Hydration Conditioner

                                   TRESemme Flawless Curls Lotion Creme, Curl Hydration

                                   TRESemme Flawless CurlsCurl Hydration Shampoo

                                   TRESemme Curl Care Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse

    As of now those are all the products in the line, and yes it is CG friendly. I have not tried any of the items out yet, but a curl friend is shipping me the conditioner soon. If anyone tries it before I do, let me know how you like them. 


Aubrey Organics Review By Peamy



Aubrey Organics Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo and Conditioner had always been my go to products when I worked out at the gym in my perm days.  Even though it says swimmers shampoo, you can use it when you have sweated through your hair from that hard gym session. My hair loved the product then, but would it love my hair now that it was in its natural state? Well, since I became a natural years ago, I was weary of using it. What if I didn’t work as it did when I had a perm?

This past July I decided to give Aubrey Swimmer’s another try. I took both the conditioner and shampoo with me on vacation.  I was a little bit worried because I knew I should have tried using them before I went away. After spending the second day swimming at the pool, I washed my hair that night. I prepped my hair by rubbing in coconut oil and letting it sit for thirty minutes. I then decided to experiment by not shampooing it, I decided to co wash instead. So I co wash with the Swimmers Conditioner. I let the conditioner sit in my hair for thirty minutes and I then rinsed it out under the shower. Ladies my hair was brittle as straw and dry when stepped out the shower. There wasn’t any moisture in my strands at all. Yes, I was almost in tears. For the rest of the vacation, I used Vo5 shampoo and conditioner that I purchased at CVS.  When I came back home, I threw my Aubrey’s in the back of my cabinet. I chalked it up to that this product did not like my beautiful natural hair.

Now let’s fast forward to yesterday and the lovely day at the beach.  While swimming, laying out on the sand and going for a three mile walk, my hair was screaming “sun damage”.  In the back of mind I realized that I did not have any specialized shampoo in my stash for a beach day. Then I remembered my Aubrey Organic in the back of my cabinet, dare I revisit this product a second time? The answer was yes.  I remembered that I never used the Swimmer’s shampoo while on my vacation, I had only co washed with the conditioner… When I arrived home, I jumped in the shower and shampooed my hair. I didn’t add any coconut oil or other products to my hair. After I rinsed out the shampoo I put the conditioner in and took a relaxing shower. After the conditioner was rinsed out, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt and piddled around the house. When I finally took the t-shirt off my hair I was in shock. My hair felt like butter and my curls were popping. This product didn’t fail me after all. My hair was so moisturized and soft, and it smelled so good.

I then realize that the conditioner and shampoo should be used together to get the great effect. Also, I am dealing with chlorine and sea salt, two strong enemies to all types of hair. The Swimmer’s conditioner can be used to deep condition the hair, but after it’s rinsed out you should shampoo and condition.  I also decided not to add any other products, especially coconut oil to my hair while using the Swimmers shampoo and conditioner. Since I am back in the gym full force, I will be defiantly using these two products to get rid of the sweat out of my hair. Two thumbs up for people with natural hair.




I’m A Curly Girl- By NaturallyChar

Your probably wondering what in the world is she talking about. When I first big chopped March 7th 2012, I had the slightest idea where to begin. I was on sites like Curly Nikki and NaturallyCurly getting an overload of information. When it came down to me actually putting this info to use I drew a blank. So, I was cowashing like crazy with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and using Eco Styler gel. Both are good products, but I knew my hair needed more. Thus came upon me the Curly Girl Method. Now I know plenty of you have heard of it, but many are still not sure what the whole method is about. The Curly Girl Method was put together by Lorraine Massey. If you want to know more about her visit this site: http://www.devachansalon.com/about/staff.  The process is all about eliminating sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral and castor oil from your hair regime. You might give me the yuck face when I say this, but I haven’t shampooed my hair since March 2012 when I started the method. Who says that shampoo is the only way to clean your hair? I clean my hair with conditioner and either leave it in my hair or apply a leave-in conditioner.  Since black hair loves water this works for ME. Depending on your hair it may take between 2-8 weeks for your hair to adjust. This process has helped with moisture, curl clumping, and overall hair health. So, feel free to inbox or just ask what questions you have on being a CG.

Peace. Love and Water

WARNING: The CG Method isn’t for everyone. Some people’s hair actually does well with silicones.