October’s Fierce Curlie!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share our first fierce curlie with you! This is the first month this segment of the blog started, and it just so happened in the month of Halloween. Now this curlie captured my eye on Instagram waaayy before this month, and I just had to ask her could I feature her on the blog. I’m so happy she said yes, and the pleasure is all mine that she is my first ever FIERCE CURLIE!




1. How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural for about 2 years now. Not really counting lol.


2. Is taking care of your hair easier or harder than before when you were processed?

Being natural is so much easier! All I have to do is co-wash my hair and use a curling milk or smoothie, and I’m out the door!    I let my hair air dry. When I had relaxed hair, I had to straighten my hair almost  every day because I liked my hair bone straight.


3. Name your top three products you can’t live without.

Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie

Argan Oil

CLEAR hair and scalp conditioners


4. What advice would you give someone your age that was considering going natural?

Going natural is one of the healthiest things you could do for your hair, especially for people like me who constantly dye their hair. Processing hair over chemically colored hair is not good. Start now!Even    if it’s cutting off the relax hair by an inch or two a month, it’s better than nothing. I’m telling you, the results are worth it,natural hairstyles are versatile possibilities are endless.