Maybelline Nail Strips- Are They Worth It?

This is a review on the Maybelline Nail Strips that I purchased with my own money. I have been fascinated with doing my nails a lot lately, and have been purchasing nail polishes, and tools out the behind. I had been noticing that everyone was giving these nail strips a try, and for the most part they said they liked them. Me being me was like I’m going to buy me a pack and test them myself, before I tell all my readers about them.

Here’s the ones I purchased at Walmart for about $5.99Maybelline Nail StripsContents

18 Nail Strips

1 Emery Board

1 Plastic Stick (to make sure the sticker goes on smooth)



Fast design for when you’re heading out, and need your nails done quick

A lot of different designs to choose from

Great for a person who can’t paint their nails worth a lick 🙂

Great for someone who constantly want to change up their nails without buying a ton of nail polishes



The price

18 strips! Not even enough for two applications!

Instructions not as great as they could be



Bottom Line

I will not be spending my hard-earned money on these strips again. In my book for as much as they charge for these things I should had got 20 strips, not 18. The other thing that upset me is that they don’t say not to apply to nails if you have on a base coat. If you do be prepared for your strips to not lay correct, and they will start to peel up almost immediately. I’m lucky that I noticed this when I did my first nail, and was apprehensive on taking my base coat off. Sucking my teeth I went ahead and applied them to my now naked nails. The sizes they give you do not match with the correct finger you would think it would, so be prepared to match up strips by turning them upside down to actually cover a whole nail. Once I got that together I was happy with my results.

Maybelline Nail Strips 2


These strips lasted a total of three days before the paint on the strips started coming off, then they started peeling around the edges. Hmm. I’m a mom so I have to do odd jobs around the house, and deal with two hyper toddlers, did they not think that perhaps more moms would be buying these fast manicure fixes? Um No! Couldn’t had. I’m sure placing my hand in water is what helped with the peeling also, but who doesn’t put their hand in water almost everyday? No, this product did not make it onto my summer must haves list. Maybe you all should give it a try and tell me how they worked for you, I’d love to hear.




I Got The Galaxy On My Nails

If you are a subscriber to my instagram @Silkremi, then you have seen my latest nail creation. I did the galaxy finally! I have been trying to these nails for days now, and never got around to it. It’s easy to do, and you can use any color combination you like. Here’s my colors used


Top and Base Coat, A White, A light Pink and Silver Glitter, A Dark Blue, A bright Pink, and Black ( not shown) for my base
A makeup sponge is needed also.

To get started just paint each nail with a color you want for your base. I used black so I could have a more dramatic effect. Now u will take any color you decide and apply it on your nail in a small dot going in any direction you choose. Work fast with the sponge blotting in the direction to give the paint a textured look. Keep doing this overlaying the colors in any order you like. When you’re done adding the colors you will have your galaxy. This next parr is important, this is to add your stars at the end. Take the white nail polish and using the brush carefully dot it on your nails in places you want the star look. (Dots). Take your top coat and go over your nail, and you should have a high shine and immediately see your creation.  Apply the glitter polish you chose to add to the stars.



There you have it! Send pics of your creations so I can showcase them on the blog. I’d love to see what you all come up with. Much love! ♥♥♥♥♥