*UPDATE* Monistat Growth Potion

Hi My Loves!

I’m coming through with a quick update on the Monistat 7 growth potion! Yes Yes! I had to see if the stuff actually worked, and I be darned! IT DO! I have been using it for a week so far. I did a video on my mixture on youtube. I will insert the link right here for you all to check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhN1jiacq3Y&feature=share&list=UUm1Wax0Qv8GcqUpl9pmlZ-A&index=1

Here are my results

1 Week-  1 inch growth!

Now that is truly something! We all know that we can not get a inch growth in one week. I can not believe this, I had no idea that this would had really worked. I can’t wait to see how much growth I can get in 30 days. I’m thinking maybe just maybe I should use it everyday, instead of every three days.

To answer any questions any race can use this potion, I would love to hear your results. Please be sure to check out my facebook page, because I do post some things there that I do not post here. Here’s a link to my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fabcurlies

Love You All!