DIY Loc Tool

After searching on YouTube for ways to retighten my locs , I stumbled on one channel that that had a perfect idea for making a loc tool. I would had never guessed to use …….wait for it . A YARN NEEDLE!
The only thing to it is to make sure its a steel one and not plastic , or it will snap like a twig.

Tools Needed
Yarn Needle
Needle Nose Pliers
Flat Head Screw Driver (if you don’t have a needle nose)


Place the needle nose or flat head directly in the middle of the needle , be sure to not force it in. If only a tip fit in thats fine. Begin to rotate it in whichever direction you want to open the needle to the desired width your loc will fit into.

Sounds easy? It is! Just go really slow so that you don’t end up making it too big for your loc.

Here’s mine


My Loc Tool

Give it a try, and post a pic of yours . Good Luck!


Fierce Stylist and Barber Feature ( Shampoo Beauty & Barber Salon)

Shampoo Beauty & Barber Salon

800 East 21st Ave


Allegra – Stylist and Certified Loctition

Brian Da Barber – Barber


Brian is an awesome barber that is able to cut, sketch in any design into the head. He has been cutting hair for 7 years, and has even begun to dabble in natural hair. I got my eyebrows done by him, and they were amazing. He cut them with a straight edge blade. Not too many people are able to get each brow the same, but he did. I was a tad bit nervous because I didn’t tell him exactly how I wanted my brow, but showing his skills he was able to cut my brows perfect for the shape of my face.

His prices aren’t steep at all, and I think that that says a lot. He is making sure that he is able to help the black community stay looking fresh. His booth is located directly on the left side of the shop once u step in on the back wall, it’s not easy to miss.

Kid Cuts Basic – $10

Adult Cuts – $15

Eyebrows- $5

Shaves (Beard) – $10

Brows Before Shaped By Brian

Left Side Not Shaped. Right Side Shaped

Eyebrows On Point Now!

                                                                       CUTS BY BRIAN DA BARBER

DSCN0388 DSCN0389 DSCN0390


Let me say that once I sat in her chair I was comfortable, and relaxed. She explained to me the locing process, and her energy was amazing. Sometimes when you are meeting a new stylist for the first time u feel agitated, and just plain nervous. “Is she going to mess up my hair?”

“Will I like it?” Not with Allegra, we laughed, joked and ate. It was an awesome experience. I was especially happy when I noticed she was natural herself, and she had that fierce look I love. I knew immediately that my hair was in good hands, naturals know the natural struggle. Let me give you some info about my locs. My locs were started on Oct 18, 2014, using the coil method. I have over 300 locs in my head, and during the process we both laughed at who was going to count them. If you want beautiful locs that will remain to shine throughout the weeks of retwisting, visit Alllegra. I have had my locs for two weeks now and they are still nice and glossy once I do the steps for maintenance in the am, like she instructed. The whole process was no longer than four hours, due to the fact I have micro locs. Depending on the size loc you want the time will vary.

Beeswax, and Gel?

Allegra has a special concoction that she uses exclusively for her clients that you can’t get anywhere else. She has been using this product that she formulated herself, and will be working towards selling it in the near future.


I was told that you should not have to have your locs retwisted every two weeks! A month in between visits is perfectly fine, and healthy. If your locs are washing out and you feel that your journey is a headache, you’re at the wrong stylist. All you should be doing is twisting the ends of your locs to make sure you’re training them.


IT IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED THAT YOU DO NOT WASH YOUR LOCS FOR A MONTH!Those are a few helpful tips to help you get started in your journey, and kick off your researching on locs. I suggest that you read up on locs before you get them. Remember that everyone’s head is different everyone’s journey will definatly be different.  DO WHATS RIGHT FOR YOU!!! YOU KNOW YOUR HEAD.

                                                                     My Starter Locs From Start To Finish

Top Of My Head (Yes I BC'D)

Side View Before Locs Start. Let's Do This!

Side View Before Locs Start. Let’s Do This!


All Twisted Up

Side View

Back View

Allegra Mixing Up Her Concoction For Great Locs


Thank you to Allegra & Brian Da Barber for letting me feature you on Fabolous Curlies. It was a honor for me to have you two as my first Stylist and Shop feature. Much Love, and I will be back every month!


Second Guessing This Loc Journey (2 Weeks In)

Two weeks in and I feel like I made the wrong mistake. I even left a bunch of Facebook hair groups , because I started missing my free flowing hair. Let me just say this. If you have the same grade of hair as mine, which is 3b and 3c. FIne and wavy texture, that will easily curl with just water and hair conditioner, locing will make you mad in the beginning. I was told that I would have to come back in a month after my starter locs were installed, um don’t believe it. My hair is fuzzy in the front, on top of that you all know how fast my hair grows. I have so much new growth it isn’t funny. I twist and twist like a bangee, to make sure it stays tight and skinny. One thing I said from the beginning was I didn’t want thick locs, in which i couldn’t get different styles with. I did want sisterlocs, but honestly speaking I’m sorry, I”m not paying $550 for a install on 2-3 inch hair. Micro locs are just as small, and look just as good. I will be able to style any way I want with these.

Oiling now? I have been told so many ways to take care of my locs, and I appreciate all the help , because I’m new to this. Unfortunately,just like starting my natural hair journey, everything that works for someone else might not work for me. I know people who only use oil, and no conditioner, no deep conditioners, and think they know that is proper curly head hair maintenance. Whatever works for you might not work for everyone else. This one fellow loc head says she has been oiling her starter locs, and others were saying that’s a no, no. I know how my head operates, and I think that will be a better option for me as well. Dry scalp will not grow, so I will oil my scalp to make sure i stays nice and healthy. This is week two, and as I stated I’m not very happy. I will be wearing scarfs, wigs, and other hair accessories until I am happy with my length. My head, my journey,my way. Wish me luck!