Brown Sugar In My Cup Of Joe?

I ran out of white sugar and I needed my morning cup of coffee. My keruig was sitting nicely in its little snug spot on my kitchen counter. I kept thinking to myself “why didn’t I grab any more sugar?” Then it hit me! Brown Sugar! I can use brown sugar in my coffee, along with my teas.  I first came across using the brown sugar when I worked at Starbucks as a shift manager . To me it actually brought out their Pike Place coffee. I grabbed my Starbucks Pike Place K-Cups, brown sugar and waited for the coffee aroma to feel the kitchen. Here I am now sitting enjoying my coffee, with brown sugar. Give it a try!




I had the opportunity to join the Green Mountain Coffee Campaign through BzzAgent. They sent me coffee to try free of charge, and also sent coupons for me to pass out for others to try.  Green Mountain coffee is dedicated to helping the farmers and providing resources. Drinking this coffee is actually helping a lot of people. Please check out their Facebook page Green Mountain Coffee to keep up with the movement.