Most Moisturizing Braidout Ever!

Last night I oiled my hair with Tropical Traditions Gold Label 100% Coconut Oil. Chile let me tell you what I added to it to get the most moisturizing braidout ever!


Ready?! The Blue Magic Hair Grease! Remember in a past post I shared with you all that it was a great sealant ? I had to show you all I wasn’t pulling your leg. Why go out and pay all that extra money for something you can get at an affordable price right in your neighborhood? Everyone might not agree with me ,and choose to still order and pay high shipping cost for a brand name .That is fine, I’m just simply sharing what I found for cheaper and is more accessible. 
I made sure to run the coconut oil over each strand of hair pulling down with a closed palm. Sure enough my hair started to wave, it honestly don’t take much for my hair to curl or wave , water and conditioner will do the trick , sometimes only water.  If your hair is a bit more reluctant then you might want to add something on top of your oil for hold. Anyhoo, next I put the Blue Magic Grease on top using the open palm technique and braided.

Just because I wanted to I added my castor oil mixture to my scalp in the areas I feel need to be attended to. From there I braided and put on my satin hair bonnet.


Nice shine, fantastic definition! Love it!  Try it out for yourselves, and let me know how it worked for you.