Sofnfree Not For Me

Hey ladies!

This is a review on Sofnfree Grow Healthy Hair Products. I was actually sent the products free of charge from M&M Products. The items sent were

  • Nothing But Curly Pudding
  • Nothing But Curl Sealer
  • Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner (Co Wash)

Now all the products are free of petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants,phthalates. This is safe for the CG Method. Who do I think should use theses products? Babies, and people with fine hair. I used all the above items on my 17 month old and my oldest who has very thick hair. The first thing I did was co wash my youngest and then applied the pudding, and sealer. Instantly her head was full of lumpy curls, and full of shine. Due to the amount of product left I used the product on my oldest bang, because I knew I had more than enough to see if it worked just as well on her hair.

Um, no! It did not do anything for her curl pattern. However, her hair was soft, and smelled good like coconuts. Her hair type is 3B & 3C, but she has thick hair. I would rate this product a 4 out of five for babies, and fine hair. I wouldn’t give it a five because the scent is a bit strong. The consistency was pretty thick for the pudding which I love. I love a thick pudding, that way you only have to use a small amount. Overall, the products aren’t bad at all. Hope this is useful to someone.  Love,