How To Style Your Hair During The Cold Months

Let’s all admit that we hate crawling out of our warm beds in the winter months anyway right? Having to wake up earlier than normal to deal with our curls ain’t no picnic in the park either . Keywords I’m about to share Protective Styles!
I installed mini twist in my hair for a total of ten hours. Yes! I checked out a couple of YouTube gurus to get some tips on how to preserve them for up to five weeks. Naptural is one that we all love and know, so of course I looked to her.
First I began twisting on fresh washed hair, and oiled and coated my hair with Tresemme Keratin Serum . Next I blow dried and sectioned my hair and braided to make sure I had no shrinkage.

Then I twisted with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment , and my oil mixture to seal my ends. I twisted, and twisted , and twisted ( sigh) some more.  I was so happy when I finished I did a happy dance.  Here’s a little hint.  Taking your time to twist doesn’t get your hand tired at all.

I just adore my twist so much! They’re really nice and small. I made sure to part my hair to where I can wear my hair in any style.

Maintaining The Style

I’m going to make sure to oil my hair as usual to keep from having any breakage and split ends. The whole point to protective styles is to maintain as much length as you can, and grow as long as you can .Baby I want my buttas to grow!  Make sure to deep condition as usual and cowash.
I will be following Naptural’s method of wrapping my twist as you would if you flat ironed your hair, and wanted to preserve your wrap.
This is a great protective style for the winter because your ends are kept off your collar or shoulders . Not to mention headbands, wrapps and beanies look to cute with them. Give it a try! And make sure you do not rush doing them! You went them to all be the same size and neat. People do look at your parts 😉


Deep Conditioning Update

I know I came to you all stating that I was going to do a strenuous deep conditioning regimen. I decided to deep condition overnight on Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Today was my last time for this week , and boy what a difference!! I can see that my hair easily detangled immediately after I did my co-wash after rinsing out my deep conditioning product.

I follow with adding my shea butter mixture to damp hair, following with castor oil on hair and scalp. I keep my hair twisted or braided through the whole week. The protective hair styling has been going great, and as it gets closer to my one year natural anniversary , I grow more excited! I will keep you all updated on my deep conditioning regimen, because I want to see if this makes my hair grow longer, and faster. It’s all about length for me.




Shampooing Might Become My Friend

Hi Everyone!


I know some shampoo, and some just co-wash. I decided that I’m going to start to shampoo probably once a week now. Here’s the thing, I’m going to add oils to my Moisture Maniac Shampoo. The oils I’m going to use will be the sweet almond along with evoo. I will continue to oil every other day with my castor oil mixture, since I see amazing growth since I’ve started that. Have anyone ever added oils to their shampoo, and how did it leave your hair feeling?

Much Luv,