Comforts For Baby ! Hello Super Saver

Let me tell all you moms out there! Run and buy these diapers from Kroger! These diapers Do Not Play! I was able to test a bag for free from BzzAgent to do a review on , and a few of their other baby products.  Well I kept these diapers on my little Prince until he began to sag . Would you like to know how long it took for these diapers to sag? Four hours! Four hours and probably longer. I swear they’re better than the leading brands, and cheaper! I know we all got short pockets these days, so money is funny! Go run! Try the Comfort For Baby diapers! I think for size 1 I got 50 in the pack. I’m on my third pack, so now I’m buying them of course!

CoverGirl You Done Got Me!


Yes Yes! Let me just say that I am loving this new campaign I’m in thanks to BzzAgent. It’s the benefit of great products like this for free that makes me write these reviews for you guys. The first lip color I tried today was the CoverGirl Blastflipstick in Minx 855. Honey, Honey, let me tell you this lipstick is so moisturizing it ain’t even funny. It has this high gloss effect to it, that matches with the bold colors to make your lips look fierce! I did get three of the colors, but you know each tube has two different colors for you to rock. They were going for the whole wear one during day, and the other one at night when you party. Now you all know me, I wanna look good all day everyday wearing whatever I want, so I mixed both colors today. I did my updo to go with the lipstick, now I’m really feeling myself! CoverGirl didn’t play with this one, great product! Thanks BzzAgent! Also, if any of you would like a $2.00 coupon for one just comment and I’ll send you one out, or upload it!






I had the opportunity to join the Green Mountain Coffee Campaign through BzzAgent. They sent me coffee to try free of charge, and also sent coupons for me to pass out for others to try.  Green Mountain coffee is dedicated to helping the farmers and providing resources. Drinking this coffee is actually helping a lot of people. Please check out their Facebook page Green Mountain Coffee to keep up with the movement.

Sad To Say

I’m sitting here making a really sad face right now. I was invited by BzzAgent to do a review on the Smooth ‘N Shine Keratin Power Semi – Permanent Hair Tamer, and guess what? I CAN”T USE IT!! It says that its safe to use on natural hair , but it indeed is not. The Neutralizing Milk contains Sodium Hydroxide, which is a straightening agent used in relaxers. Honestly, that is not the only harsh ingredient in this product. So for any natural person out there that wants to try this, don’t. You will be messing up your hair journey. Sorry BzzAgent, can’t do this one.