BodyRock Works!

Hey everyone! 
I just had to come on and tell y’all how my bodyrocking is going. I’m officially done with my 30 day challenge and look Great! Like for real, I’m smoking!  I really recommend you to give it a try,come on it’s only 12 minute exercises that you do once a day for five days out the week,with Saturday and Sundays being your rest days.Now out of those five days, a few are yoga days, so you’re not doing the same thing over and over. Here’s a pic of me now


Yes! I’m too happy. I would like to give extra applause to the sandbag and squats. You two are the best!  Hope this motivate you all to give it a try. Also,remember you don’t have to stop eating all the foods you like to lose weight,just eat smaller portions and cut back on sweets.