Today I Let Free Be Free

Yesterday I decided to clip and do a blowout on my hair, which I named Free. I was reluctant in doing so because I was trying to stay away from heat, and I was going to treat myself to a blowout for my one year nappiverssary on Dec 13th. I did the blowout making sure to use oils all in my hair and my Tressame Heat Protectant all over my ends.


11 Month Blow Out

Then today I decided to let Free do what she does best, be Free! Since I had the oils still in her from yesterday she was still very moisturized. I used a Goody Ouchless Band and did a side puff on her with stretched out hair.


Side Puff

Then I can promise you at 6:00 pm I moisturized her in certain little spots, and braided her back up. Can’t take any chances with her breaking off. Back to my protective style I go. Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow.