14 Months Natural


Hi Loves!

This pic marks my 14th month natural! Whoo! Seems like times passes once you get over that one year mark. This style was achieved on a four-day old braid out. I didn’t re braid at night or re twist  All I did was oil and put on my satin bonnet at night. The morning I rocked this funky look I just sprayed it with water, and it fell into place. This is one of the looks I wanted to wear so bad when I decided to go natural, and I’m so happy I finally got to.

People ask me still how long am I staying natural, and I tell them I have no intentions on ever going back processed. My advice to all you naturals that can’t find your own look or own way yet is to be yourself. Don’t copy what you see other naturals do, or don’t take everything they say so serious that you find yourself being a product junkie. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. What looks great in someone else’s head, or on someone else at might not be yours to do. Find your own style, and it’ll work perfect for you. This is your natural hair, it’s unique , and no one else has it. Please find a way to let you shine!