Revisiting Clay


Hi Guys!

Even though I hadn’t been posting it doesn’t mean I hadn’t been trying things to share with you. If you remember from a past post I did a review on the Terressentials Lavender Garden Hair Wash. It’s actually a clay! We all know that clay washes are adorned by the natural hair community. Now, I have tried clay washes,and face scrubs from just about everyone and been left a little disappointed. My skin would look amazing for the first couple of weeks , and I’d be seeing large pores again. After rummaging in my hair boxes, yet again I stumbled upon my bottle of clay. It was still practically brand new! (Remember I’m A Recovering Product Junkie).

Let me start by saying that the clay is 100% natural. There are no harmful chemicals or ingredients in it that’s bad for you. Guess what I did? Yup! I put it on my face!


I let it sit on until it began to harden , and scared my youngest son to death. It was so funny , he thought I was a zombie ( no more walking dead for him). Anyhoo, I used a face sponge with water as hot as I could take to wash the clay off. The results were amazing! The blackheads came to the surface , and my skin was glowing! To me the results were better for my face than my hair! I have been using it so far for a week and my face is totally different . It’s looking healthier, softer and not oily.


So so everyone try it! Tell me what you think , and please be sure to comment below if you do . I used the Lavender remember, and be careful . Try an allergy test too.


Drip Drip Drip! Save Your Makeup!

Ugh! It’s hot! You want to look good, and you really don’t like having to constantly check your makeup all day long. I feel you, neither do I. Then you might ask, okay well? Setting Spray! It will make sure that your makeup stays in place and not run, or pack up in the creases on your face. There are many types based off your skin type, and if you get the wrong one you’re screwed. It’s so may different ones on the market, but here are a few of the most popular ones



These can be purchased at Sephora, Ultra Beauty, Mac as well as other places that sell makeup. Elf even has a great one I’ve heard. Now if you don’t really want to have to purchase on, you can make one at home! Sure you can! Guess who’s going to tell you how? Me!


                                                                     Setting Spray For Oily Skin

Small Spray Bottle

1/2 Tablespoon Of Glycerine

1 Tablespoon Of Witch Hazel

1/3 cup of distilled or boiling water cooled

1 Tablespoon of Alcohol (optional)



Shake all ingredients together in your little spray bottle. Mist lightly over face with eyes closed

*Use the proper water amount to go along with the size container you use. You might have to play around                      with  this mix, to get it how you like it.



Aztec Secret : A Review

I finally used my Aztec Clay on my hair and face. After seeing my blog friend KinkyNappyCurly’s post on her blog, I said let me get up and do this. I mixed two different batches to use on my hair and face. For my hair I used Apple Cider Vinegar, and water for my face mixture.
Here’s a pic of the hair ingredients



Now be careful not to use too much clay, it does stretches a lot. I began to add to my hair first making sure to section it in four parts so I covered all basis of my hair.


Funny thing is you feel it getting hard almost immediately. It was easy to apply, and control. Next, my face application. Warning ,these pictures.might scare you. One of my daughter ran away screaming when she saw me. Haha!



I left it on my hair for 30 minutes and face for 15 minutes. Once it began to harden on my face, I wasn’t able to talk or move my face. I looked like a statue just standing around scaring the crap out my daughter.
I rinsed my hair and face at the same.time in my kitchen sink using warm water. You don’t want to use cool because it makes the clay harder to come off. After rinsing out I did my moisture conditioning recipe I came up with. This moisturizing recipe has my hair so bouncy and full of life every time. Here’s my results at the end with no product



Love ! Love! Love! !Now mind you my hair is wavy not so much curly, so I was happy that the clay brought out my waves. My hair was super clean, and my scalp tingled. It got the job done for real. Now my face pics,


Look at my skin! It wasn’t all that bad in the beginning, but I can look at it and tell the clay gave it a good deep cleaning. I will be using this on my head once a week, and face and neck twice a week.

Overall 9
I don’t like that I had to find my own ratio of water or acv to add to it.
Plus I think I left it on my face too blasted long, because it broke me out in tiny bumps. Next time for my face mixture I will add evoo to my mixture.