As I Am! Doing It This weekend!

Cheers to the weekend!! 

Guess what products I have bought that I have been dying to try ever since I did my BIG CHOP?!! AS I AM NATURALLY!! Whoop Whoop!! So a month after I big chopped I had got a coupon from Sally’s for 20% off a item, and I got the As I Am Twist Defining Cream. Then right after I received a series of coupons for free products. Then I got the As I Am Shampoo. At the time I was doing the CG method since my Fabolous Curlies sister NaturallyChar was giving it rave reviews. I liked the CG method, but found out Free needed her cones.

I have been literally lusting for these products, do you hear me? it’s totally pathetic,lol.

  • As I Am Moisture Milk
  • As I Am Curling Jelly

Next I’m getting the gel, and the coconut co-wash. The only reason I didn’t get those two now is because I’m happy with what I’m using for those two purposes anyway. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it right? So wish me luck everyone!! I’m on a total beauty experiment this weekend ,even with my nails!! Stay posted, because this blog is about to get interesting!

                                                                Love,Curliegyrl FreeImage