Hi Everyone! I know everyone is getting excited about this warmer weather, and we need to make sure our little kiddies are staying hydrated. Water is a must, and thanks to BzzAgent I came across these tiny little juices. BzzAgent sent me a pack of juices called Good2Grow juices, and they come with this character heads (tops) that children love. I got a Spiderman, a Hello Kitty and two other ones  These juices are low in sugar, and believe me that was something I was worried about. My two youngest daughters get so hyped up when I give them the smallest amount of sugar, and I didn’t want that. Another perk to these juices is that the heads are non spill. Yes! No more spilling juice all over my livingroom rug, and all over the inside of the car seats. Yeah I know! Mommy issues!

Check them out and let me know what you think!


Chew Your Vitamins If You Want Your Hair To Grow!


How many times had we all had our mamas all in our face with those nasty Flintstone vitamins? Yes! I knew some kids that liked eating theirs, not me. Well ladies and gents GNC has these vitamins for hair, nails and skin that the natural hair community be all on. BE*BEAUTIFUL is the name of this small grape Now&Later like vitamins. These things taste so goood. You will eat the whole bag, and be like dang, did I do that?
Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Do these things work? You know there isn’t no magical growth pill or candy that can make your hair grow out your scalp like weeds, right? Well these vitamins will give your body the added nutrients it needs to get the blood pumping and flowing right to those follicles. I started taking mine today which was one. I will do one a day till the bag is gone, and see how much growth I gained . I measured my front today since I cut a bang last week at 8 inches, let’s see how much Free grow in these next 60 days? FREE YOU HEAR ME! ? YOU BETTA GROW! THESE VITAMINS WASN’T CHEAP!
I will be checking in for all of you who are skeptics, I don’t blame you, let me waste my money first  😉

Comforts For Baby ! Hello Super Saver

Let me tell all you moms out there! Run and buy these diapers from Kroger! These diapers Do Not Play! I was able to test a bag for free from BzzAgent to do a review on , and a few of their other baby products.  Well I kept these diapers on my little Prince until he began to sag . Would you like to know how long it took for these diapers to sag? Four hours! Four hours and probably longer. I swear they’re better than the leading brands, and cheaper! I know we all got short pockets these days, so money is funny! Go run! Try the Comfort For Baby diapers! I think for size 1 I got 50 in the pack. I’m on my third pack, so now I’m buying them of course!

Naturals Be Running From The Grease


For the last two nights I have been using this Blue Magic hair grease in my head with water, twist and then tie my head up to maintain moisture. Many naturals run and scream like you’ve sprayed them in the face with pepper spray when you mention hair grease. Honestly, it is rather great in your hair, and the moisture stays in for days. You don’t have to keep putting in product every day like most products that they gear towards natural hair.

When I was a young girl my hair was always apl , and my granny used Royal Crown, Blue Magic , and this one particular leave in conditioner, and I never had split ends or damaged hair. Why fix something that isn’t broken. I will continue to use this method at night for the remainder of the month. Hopefully I will reach my goal of even apl length all over my head. If there are any of you out there looking for a great way to seal and lock in the moisture, try this and see what happens. If you don’t like it just co-wash or wash it out.



III Sisters of Nature Co-Washes

Check out a blogger’s thoughts on my most supportive hair company!


III Sisters of Nature has just added two brand new co-washes to their line and they were both featured in Septembers Curlbox. I absolutely love the slip that they provide me. Please make sure that you try both the Avocado and Coconut III Sisters of Nature Co-Wash.




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GNC Total Lean Shake Vanilla Bean Shake Recipe


Here is a quick recipe for you all using the GNC Total Lean Chocolate Swiss Shake mix. These shakes are actually meal replacements, and even come with a small brochure with ways to get the full potential of the shake. You can lose a nice amount of weight with these, and if that is not your intentions they’re good for you. The Vanilla Bean is one of the ones I bought for my first round, and it is delicious! I don’t mix mine with water, I use unsweetened almond milk, and or coconut flavored almond milk. Some of the recipes I will be trying calls for chocolate soy milk, and other flavors. mmmm!

These shakes taste seriously like something you’d get out of DQ , and or at the local icecream shop. With that being said here’s one of my favorite morning ones that I got from a fellow blogger. Enjoy!

Moko Choka Latte:

2 scoops of swiss chocolate GNC total shake

1.5 cups of skim milk, or almond milk

Coffee to taste (1/2 cup or so- don’t put in too much)

5-6 ice cubes

Blend to smooth

Makes about 16oz


Ooh HoneyChile!

Let me start off by saying I decided to twist my hair while I have been rocking a three day old  blowout. I hate leaving my hair out so long and decided to the test out my new products I received in my recent swaps.
My HoneyChile HairLove is a company that I noticed a lot of naturals purchase from ,and I happen to had received their Hibiscus & Orange Peel Hair Butter. I smelled the product and was instantly in love. It actually smells like oranges, but with a hint of flowers. I twisted my hair doing the LBO method ( liquid, butter, oil). My liquid was my leave in conditioner, the HoneyChile, and black castor oil mixed with almond oil. Review on the butter

HoneyChile Hibiscus & Orange Peel Hair Butter


Unrefined Shea Butter
Dried Hibiscus Flower
Dried Pink Rose Buds
Orange Peels
Dried Red Rose Buds
Castor Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Vegetable Glycerine
Tangerine Essential Oil


Creamy and Smooth


I applied this to my hair after I had been wearing it in a blow out as I stated. Every night I had been braiding it and spraying with aloe vera juice and water to moisturize. Once I placed a dime sized amount on the section of hair like the jar recommended my hair became instantly soft. The cuticles layed flat, and there was a nice shine added. I didn’t expect for that to happen,because usually with my hair I have to add my oil then it will shine. After the butter was added I put on my oils and it got even softer! I love the smell of this product, and was even happier that I didn’t have to use a while heap of product.  Follow the jar recommendation and only use a dime size, that is all you need.


I give this product a score of 9. I will be purchasing more from them once this run out. I’m curious to smell their other butters.





Give then a try and let me know how u like them!


lll Sisters Of Nature Shampoo & Leave-In Review

I know its been a minute, and I’m truly sorry. I have a ton of new products to share with you all and what I think about them. I was so lucky to win two new items from the lll Sisters Of Nature product line. Their shampoo and the leave-in conditioner. Let’s get started with the review

The shampoo did not do well in my daughter’s head at all. I applied it only to her scalp and massaged her scalp with it. It easily got on her strands and when it did it instantly dried her hair out. The shampoo is curly girl friendly. (I did not pay for the shampoo, I won it in a give away from the company)

Omg! This leave-in is the bomb.com! I applied it to all three of my daughters’ heads and their hair instantly curled up with no frizz at all! Listen to me when I say a little goes a long way. I had been searching for a leave-in for them since last summer, and I’m so happy I had this. The slip is wonderful! I would compare this to Kinky Curly, and get this one because its more affordable. If you have hair that you can’t seem to get moisturized and shiny from a leave-in conditioner, try this. The fragrance reminds me of bubble gum, and the consistency is in between thick and light.( I did not purchase the leave-in , I won it in a give away from the company)

I would not use the shampoo on either one of my girls. Their hair did not like it at all. The leave-in conditioner however has been added as their staple. I even swapped for another bottle of it in a group I am a member of. The leave-in detangles perfect, and add shine and leaves hair with no frizz. I rate the shampoo a 5, and the leave-in a 10.






Her hair only has the leave-in conditioner in! Give it a try!