Time To Say Goodbye……Ends

Hello! Hello! Hello! 

Today is an exciting day for me because I been waiting to clip my ends for about two weeks. I know you guys are like ” why you had to wait ?”. I cut my hair by phases of the moon. Yes indeedy! 

I know a lot of people think that’s an old wives tale, but it’s true. ( well in my experience ). My mother always did it when I was a kid ,and then when I started going to the hairdresser I let them cut it whenever they thought it needed to be done. I would ask my mother why my hair wasn’t as full and long like it use to be. She said ” one , you have someone else’s hands in your head that might not having growing hands , two-you’re not cutting your hair by moon phases “.  I laughed because I didn’t believe her. 

Then when I started my natural hair journey four years ago I said let me go back to how my mother did my hair. I started cutting by the moon and my hair which already grew fast , grew like weed! It was growing so long , thick and beautiful. I big chopped a second time a year ago , I didn’t follow that same regimen because I was just lazy. Well my hair grew but not at the speed like it did my first year being natural. 

When 2016 hit I said I was going to start taking care of my hair again. I haven’t clipped my ends but once in 2015 smh. I see the damaged ends that’s preventing my twist outs form being the best that they can be. I grabbed my iPhone and redownloaded my moon phases app. I had to see when was the next growing moon for hair , that’s when I had to clip my ends . Yesterday was the first day the moon hit New Moon in Capricorn and then today it’s the Waxing Moon in Capricorn until 2:23pm. If you cut your hair today it will grow faster , thinner and smoother . Fine hair will become strong , but will grow faster because of the Waxing Moon . 

Now you better go grab those scissors and do a quick snip snip all over ! As soon as I finish writing this post for you guys I’m heading to my vanity to start!  lol! 

Of course I’ll keep you posted. Stay beautiful ! 


30 Day Deep Conditioning Challenge 

Hi! Do I have something to share with you all today! This morning I got an email from Strawberry Curls blog stating that she was doing her 30 day deep conditioning challenge again. Man , was I excited. I told you all that this year I was coming back strong on my hair game. I read through all the rules , and was like ” ok , this is what I do anyway “. 

Simply pick one day out the week that you will deep condition, and just do it. Yup ! That’s it. Basically you’re promising your curls to a spa day once a week , lol. Ain’t that cute ? A spa day 😂

She even recommended some deep conditioners you could use or if you already have one you like , you could use that. Since I had an awesome $10 off coupon from Sally’s for my birthday , and needed to pick up some other things I decided to get a deep conditioner. 

I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while , so I was happy to see that they had this big jar for $7.00! 


Next , she did say it would be awesome to get a length shirt. I always said I was going to buy one , because I didn’t like how my diy turned out last year. I will be getting one from a shop I seen on Instagram , but I’m starting the challenge tonight. 

Here’s my hair now  

In 30 days or maybe half way through I’ll post more pics so we can see if we can tell a difference. 

If you would like to take part in this challenge come right on! Message me for complete info or go look her up. I’ll keep you all posted. 


How Important Are Scalp Manipulations?



Have you always heard to massage your scalp to promote hair growth? Well it’s actually is called scalp manipulation. What is exactly is that? It’s a massage technique that involves circular motions of pinching, rolling, kneading and rubbing to increase blood circulation at the surface of the skin.  Now when you do it, you can’t halfway do it either. You have to put muscle in the rolling and the kneading or you’re not going to see any gain from doing it at all.  Curliegyrl Free are you serious, does this actually works? Yes! I know it does because you’re actually getting the blood to flowing throughout your scalp. You’re warming the skin and opening up your blood vessel which increases blood flow. Better circulation to the hair follicles may help nutrients strengthen the hair cells and encourage proper growth function.  That’s why I’m telling you to pretend your head is dough, and really get to working that scalp. This technique also relaxes you when you’re feeling stressed out. So yes! Make sure you do your scalp manipulations right after you oil your scalp at night. Much love!

                                                                                                 Curliegyrl Free


Soreness Of The Scalp (Chemo And Natural Hair Care)


One of the most frustrating things cancer victims have to go through is the loss of their hair. Along with the loss, is pain and tenderness of the scalp. This pain is due to the chemotherapy medicine damaging the hair follicle cells.  It is suggested that before you start chemo it is best to shave off your hair. Shaving off your hair helps ease the pain of the scalp when chemo begins. I wish I followed these suggestions when I started chemo because I wouldn’t have suffered such discomfort. All I did was cut my hair down low into a TWA. Several weeks after I started chemo, my hair began to come out in clumps. Along with that came the pain and tenderness.

Laying my head on a pillow was very painful. Satin scarves, bonnets and pillow cases didn’t help either. While getting chemo one day at the cancer center, I was going through a basket of knitted caps that were donated by local volunteers and knitter. I selected several caps and tried them on to see what would fit me. It turns out they were just perfect for my sore scalp.  I then wore them all the time. What a relief to lay my head down in comfort. To get some relief from the soreness I would rub aloe vera  gel fresh from the plant unto my scalp. I would mix olive and jojoba oil to keep my scalp well moisturized.  This also helped with the soreness and made my scalp soft.

The pain and tenderness does eventually go away with time. One thing to remember; our scalp is an extension of the skin on the rest of our body. The same way we buy numerous skin care products to pamper our bodies is the same way we should pamper our scalps.

Below are two images of women who have lost their hair to cancer.



Love, Peamy


Moisture. Moisture and more Moisture. By NaturallyChar



Before I big chopped all I read about were women who experienced that dry spell after their BC. Many responded that hair needs a moisture overload.  Greenhouse effect, baggy, co-wash, porosity. Am I the only one that had the *blank stare.* Of course I didn’t want my hair to be like a bird’s nest, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. When did being natural become so complicated? I had to look at my hair as a science project.  Natural hair thrives off of water. Where we ran from it when we were relaxed, we can now walk in the rain (unless you’re wearing a killer outfit). The BIG question was how was I to get this moisture?



Many women frown upon this. The idea of not using shampoo is just ghastly. In my opinion this actually benefited my hair in the beginning. Co-washing is just washing your hair with conditioner only. Who says conditioner can’tcleansing? Use it as you would shampoo. It’s best to start off with the inexpensive ones (VO5, Suave, Herbal Essence). Lather it in your hair. I found it easier to do this while in the shower. Use this time to detangle as well. You can co-wash every day or a few times a week. It’s up to you. My moisture level increased with this method.



The best invention since sliced bread for natural hair. With a good deep conditioner and some steam, your hair will be singing hallelujah to the Heavens. Best investment I ever made and it cost less than a $100.  Steam allows the hair follicle’s to lift up to allow moisture into the hair shaft. A must if you have low porous hair. I would steam my hair about twice a week in the beginning and now just one a week. My hair would feel like butta afterwards. Just writing about it makes me want to plug it up right now. I have the LCL steamer that can be purchased at http://lclbeauty.com/products.php?cat=9. Love it. 20 minutes is all it takes.

                              In the long run getting that moisture wasn’t as hard as some made it to be.