Matte Nail Polish


Hey everyone!

I decided to add different points of interest to the blog, because well , I do have other things going on with me. For example, the other night I was sitting on the phone with one of my Fabolous Curlie sisters T, hunched over my laptop shopping for nail polish. The funny thing is I always tend to look at sites on the net with a purpose just to see who has styles that I haven’t seen a million people wear. Anyway, I saw these cool nails on this one chick that looked like they were suede. I leaned closer to the screen in awe. Matte. Now I do have a deep obsession with matte lipsticks, I’ll talk about that on the follow-up article to this one, but back to the nail polish. Next, I immediately went on YouTube to hear the reviews on different brands out there. I’m sad to say that most of the reviews were the same except one that actually showed four different brands on her nails. I was intrigued. Now curlies, you all know I’m a big pj, even before going natural , so this was nothing new for me to run and try to find a store near me that sold the polishes. NONE!! Are you kidding me? Of course your girl did the next reasonable thing, la la la “Ebay” BINGO!!

I did not like the prices though, they could keep that $9.00 holla. I set out the next day dragging hubby along with me combing the streets of Athens looking for this matte nail polish. I started getting irritated because not one person in these stores even knew what it was much longer heard of it. Geeze! after going to a total of nine stores I went home with my curly hair drooping . I was defeated. In the store that is. Now I don’t want to make this a long story so I’ll just tell you that I ordered from Ebay ,to turn around and run smack dead into a brand at Wal-Mart the next day. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? WAL-MART!! I bought two bottles, just in case. lol. Curlies I know you feel me with this. We all know we need our earrings, and polishes to go with our hair. DON”T FRONT, KEEP IT REAL! I will be writing back with pictures so that you can see which brand is the best out of the two I have. Until then loves,

Curliegyrl Free