Box Braids On Kids 

How are you ? Hoping that you are Blessed and looking Fabulous!  Over the weekend I installed box braids on my 5 year old daughter as a protective style. I used 3 packs of the Remi kankelon braid hair. I think I could had used 2 but my son that’s 3 started playing around and messed up the hair. 

I made them large, because she’s only five and I wanted to make sure that she didn’t end up with a head of heavy braids , and look too grown for her age. Trust me , I know better. Lol. 

Here’s a bit of advice for you if you have a child who cried when you just part their hair or comb it. It will be so much easier for you if you spray the section with water and then finger deranged the section.  

It took me about four hours to do her hair because she kept taking breaks , but it should had only been a two hour job at the most. 

I didn’t burn her ends, I decided to dip them in hot water and rod her ends. She’s so happy with her ” big girl braids” as she calls them, and I’m happy too because I don’t have to comb her hair for two weeks. Lmao. Hope this helps some moms out there that’s not sure if large box braids is appropriate for a child. She keeps them in a ponytail or two , so we are all good. Thanks for reading ! 

                                        Love , Free 

After Midnight Fun


Guess what I did ? I colored my hair! I decided that I was tired of my brown and light brown streaked hair , and wanted something fun. Now remember when I colored my hair Indigo Blue with Adore ? Well I wanted to go back blue. This time I used blue black from Revlon and Manic Panic After Midnight Blue. I work in an office setting so I couldn’t make it as bright as I wanted to. I’m happy with my results. I left them both in for 30 minutes and rinsed. In about two weeks in going to add manic panic to my conditioner and let it sit in about an hour only in my front.  Now let’s talk about the health of curls after I did this. No , I DID NOT BLEACH! Manic Panic takes very well without you having to. You can leave it on over night for a very bold and rich color. It’s is 100% vegan , so u are ok.  The Revlon took too , because I went to a darker color not a lighter one. I’m so happy with my results. I have been continuing to deep condition once a week, and rinse with my cold water. Have my dye ran ? No. Which surprised me because when I used the purple in Manic Panic and the Vampire Red , it got all over my hands. Idk , maybe this color is the good guy. Lol.  Well if you have any questions about Manic Panic be sure to hit me up. 



Perm Rod Challenge

Hi Ladies!
Are you starting to feel like you have nothing to do with your hair ? Usually in your awkward twa stage , you start to feel defeated. Well , well , I got something for u! A wonderful challenge you can do , that will actually allow you to maintain length. Perm rods!
Perm rods are an effective way to get gorgeous curls without adding heat. Also , you can do all type of fun styles with them for work, and play. Not sure on which ones to purchase? Here’s a chart to help you out .


Following this chart will help you get the look you are going for. Plus , you can go to the BSS to check them out in person.


How many packs do you need ?

I would say buy 5 to 6 packs just to be safe. It never can hurt to have too many , but it sure can hurt if you don’t have enough. Lol! Trust me , you will be highly mad if you run out of rods , and have to leave out to get more.

Motions Wrap Lotion
ORS Wrap Lotion
Lotta Body Foam

Oils ( your favorite ones, of course)

Make sure that you let your hair completely dry before removing your rods. Also, another tip is that you can separate each curl , twisting strand by strand of you don’t like the big curl look. I know some people don’t know that , well now u do.
I hope this have gave you all a few ideas to do with your hair. Try Mohawks , Flat Twist on the sides , and or a hump in the front to accompany your curls. Good luck !


Braidout Till You Get It Right

Have I ever did a braidout on my head since being natural? Yes , about two times. My first time I didn’t like it, the second time I rocked it for three days. I am happy to say that this time I kept my hair braided for week, moisturized and made sure it was well taken care of and





I love it so far! Now keep in mind that this is freshly taken down. By tomorrow it should be fluffed out , and older giving me big fluffy hair. I will be sure to post pics of that either tomorrow or Saturday, it just depends on which day I go out. Before I go , I just want to say that it’s okay not to get some styles right from jump. It’s only natural to make mistakes, and getting to know your hair. Till later ,


Puff Attack

For the last couple of days I’ve been walking around thinking I have the fiercest puff on deck! You all should have seen my curls clamped up blowin

in the wind. I was super excited, because I could never get my puff to show it’s full potential. Ha! Ha! I diiiiid it



Yes I did! I think it was because I did achieve this on a two day old stretched twistout, and sprayed with just water. I did use Curls promade on my edges, and just brushed it up. I promise you I will not fuss about a puff this summer, I see this being my favorite style this summer. Who’s with me?


Revisiting The Washngo

Ok I tried! lol.

After months I decided to give the washngo another chance on my hair. I didn’t never like it on me only because it gave the worst shrinkage ever! I’m one of those naturals that like to see some hangtime, I want to see my accomplishments on my hair. Anyway, I made sure to do a deep condition, a cowash and applied my leave-in. I will be sure to write you guys a full detailed description  of my new hair regimen. Here is the pictures of my washngo, I love the definition, but u are about to see some mad shrinkage.  I’m going to leave it like this, and let it fall over a period of time. This will allow me to play with it and be creative in styling. I see that I am not a washngo person, not right now at least. Do you all have a style hat you all came to realize that just isn’t for you? Please share.








Pros and Cons To Tree Braiding (Protective Styling)

Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair” title=”” target=”_blank”>Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair”>” target=”_blank”>Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair




*This is a video that I found, and thought I’d share.I do not own the rights


What What! Flat Twistout lasts 5 Days!?

I can’t believe it! When I applied my product to my hair and began twisted I said to myself “this is going to be a bomb twistout, and I’m going to get big hair”.

Products Used
Entwine – Creme Jelle Styler
Oil Mixture
Hicks Edge Control

I made sure that my leave-in was applied, because I’m getting wonderful growth, and I don’t need my ends breaking. I started flat twisting really tight and small. I learned with my hair I have to or my roots will end up straight. I want wavy roots as well . My flat twists stayed in my head for three days before I took them down.


Day 1


Day 4


Day 5

Wow! By day 5 I was seriously feeling myself! I love when the twistout gets old, because that’s when it looks the best. I think I could had made it a week, but I just conditioned the next day, because I’m ready to start my protective style challenge. My advice is to just make sure at night you pineapple, and if u can’t just tie your scarf around your head where the knot is on your forehead. That’s it loves! Till next time!


Two Strand Twist Out

I’m sure you all remember the post I just did on my super moisturized twist? Well I just took them down yesterday and had a banging twistout. Usually I don’t get the look I want to achieve , but this time I did.
What did I do differently?  I separated each twist, then separated again. Actually I broke each twist down four times. This is the look I got and loved it!

The pic to the right is the beginning twist all unraveled. The pic to the left is after I was happy with the new look. Second day hair is today and it looks wonderful . Male sure to take your twist down the exact same way you began twisting them, that way the definition will be great.

Yes! Two Strand Twist Super Moisturized

Here’s two pictures of my two strand twist I did lastnight. Finally I found something that moisturized my hair like no other. I’m coloring my hair in steps to achieve a look I’m going for.  With that being said DC and moisturizing is a must!


Nice and plump twists! Yay!