Conditioning Is Good For Us 

Have you guys been conditioning ? Mmmhmm , don’t lie to me. How many times do I have to say to condition, condition, condition? We all say we want pretty , long , healthy hair , but become too lazy to take proper care of it. Well here is a conditioner I made at home , that was pretty cost efficient.  


  1. Vegetable Glycerine (2 tablespoons)
  2. Baby Bananas (1 container)
  3. 1 Raw Egg
  4. Olive Oil (2 tablespoons)
  5. Coconut Oil (2 tablespoon)
  6. Jamaican Black Castor Oil /w Tea Tree ( 2 Tablespoons) 
  7. Light Mayo (1 1/2 cup) 

Mix all the ingredients together to a creamy consistency . You don’t want it runny at all, because it will drip and run all while you’re sitting letting your hair benefit from all the yummy nutrients. 

Distribute the mixture evenly on your hair , you can even use a coloring brush to get really close to your edges and roots. Put a plastic cap or bag on , and sit under your hair hair steamer for added benefits , if you don’t own one a sit under hair dryer or not is fine as well. I leave my mixture on for a hour or sometimes over night , and then rinse. Follow with a nice cowash. 

If you have any questions be sure to ask here or on my Facebook page. 

                                 Much Love 


*UPDATE* Monistat Growth Potion

Hi My Loves!

I’m coming through with a quick update on the Monistat 7 growth potion! Yes Yes! I had to see if the stuff actually worked, and I be darned! IT DO! I have been using it for a week so far. I did a video on my mixture on youtube. I will insert the link right here for you all to check it out

Here are my results

1 Week-  1 inch growth!

Now that is truly something! We all know that we can not get a inch growth in one week. I can not believe this, I had no idea that this would had really worked. I can’t wait to see how much growth I can get in 30 days. I’m thinking maybe just maybe I should use it everyday, instead of every three days.

To answer any questions any race can use this potion, I would love to hear your results. Please be sure to check out my facebook page, because I do post some things there that I do not post here. Here’s a link to my facebook page

Love You All!




A Coconut Milk Affair

Hi Everyone!
Lately I’m noticing that a lot of naturals are asking about this coconut prepoo and deep conditioning because a article was ran by a few natural blogs. Well I have been using coconut milk in my deep conditioner for a while now. Hopefully looking at my pics will help you decide if you want to try it on your curls.
Here’s a can of coconut milk with my oils already in my dye applicator bottle. Using a bottle like this will make the process so much easier,and you won’t get all sticky.


Now once you mix about a cup of the mix to your oils which should be no more than 2tbs of each oil you selected, warm it up in microwave for at least 45 seconds.


This can be used now as a prepoo or a deep conditioner. I hardly ever shampoo my hair, only once a month. In my case its more than likely my deep conditioner. With that being said I apply it all over my dry,dirty head and apply a plastic cap on. Either u can leave it on as long as you like,or sit under your steamer as I do for 20 minutes. After your steam is over do not rinse out immediately. Leave it on your hair for an additional 10 minutes. By doing this extra step it allows the moisture to completely lock in your hair to add that shine and moisture. Rinse as usual in your cool water and go from there. If you plan to shampoo now you will see your hair is easily detangled,and super soft. If you choose to cowash, same thing.



Here’s my hair after steaming and rinsing out my coconut deep conditioner. Again,I hardly shampoo, so this day I just cowashed. What’s you all experience with coconut milk on your wash days/

“We Gon Sweat This Hair Out, Literally!”


Everytime I think about doing this challenge with myself I giggle. What Challenge Free? Honey, this cayenne pepper mess. Now let me say I did do my castor oil challenge with a few naturals from CurlyNikki last July, and been using it ever since. My mane loves it, so I’m all happy with it. To give you all some quick info let me tell you why scientist say that this really works. By now you all should know me, I’m not one to listen to whoever on Instagram, or these forums because they have long hair, I really do my research. Red pepper contains capsicum which  is a skin irritant that will allow for rapid cell construction, improved blood circulation and hair re-growth. The improvement in blood circulation is important to stimulate the hair follicles and prevent DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from attaching to the hair follicles.Why we don’t want that to happen? 

If DHT is formed and attaches to the hair follicle, it will block nutrients from getting to the hair strand and hair follicle. By doing this it will eventually cause the hair strand to fall out and the hair follicle to die. Now here is when I feel a little bad. They experimented with this on mice. Yes! They did! Well it worked! Those little bald spots filled up on their little bodies like no tomorrow.

With all that being said, I’m going to start tomorrow with this challenge. I will do updates every two weeks with the front of my head, since that’s the main part I want to grow. The question is how long will I do this? Hmm, everyone did a month, so I’m thinking it would be fun to do it longer, just to be different. Let‘s say till I have my son, which is the beginning of August. 

The Recipe

Whole Cayenne Peppers

Dark Jar

Favorite Oil

Rosemary Oil


Place the whole peppers in the dark jar with your favorite oil covering them for ten days. After ten days remove the peppers and use the oil. It is totally on you how you want to do this. Use it as a deep conditioner aid, or as a leave in. How many days a week to use? Again, totally up to you. Now you might see various ways to doing this, but do the one best for you. I’ll be posting a follow up sometime this week.








Deep Conditioning Update

I know I came to you all stating that I was going to do a strenuous deep conditioning regimen. I decided to deep condition overnight on Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Today was my last time for this week , and boy what a difference!! I can see that my hair easily detangled immediately after I did my co-wash after rinsing out my deep conditioning product.

I follow with adding my shea butter mixture to damp hair, following with castor oil on hair and scalp. I keep my hair twisted or braided through the whole week. The protective hair styling has been going great, and as it gets closer to my one year natural anniversary , I grow more excited! I will keep you all updated on my deep conditioning regimen, because I want to see if this makes my hair grow longer, and faster. It’s all about length for me.




Natural Hair Gel

This is a hair recipe for all you naturals out there that feel concerned about using Eco styling gel. I have used this on my daughter’s hair and it came out looking like I did use the Eco styling gel.

Natural Hair Gel

1/2 to 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
Thoroughly dissolve gelatin in 1 cup warm water. Keep refrigerated in sealed container.






Hello Everyone!
A lot of curly heads have been saying they don’t wash their heads,just cowash. Well I use to only do it to till the other day my scalp was about to drive me nuts. I grabbed one of my favorite shampoos,and my oils and mixed. Yes I did! I mixed my oils in the shampoo and I had the most moisturized hair I ever had. There wasn’t any feeling like hay or anything. So I say go ahead and shampoo,and use oils!


My Shea Butter Holla!

I received my Shea Butter in the mail among other products from butter and bars today. I was so excited , and happy with their fast shipping. I had just actually placed the order on Friday, and it was her Monday! High Five to them! Anyway, I added a bunch of oils to it and used a hand mixer to mix the ingredients together. Listen, now when I tell you my hair felt like soft butter, I ain’t joking ! First off the mixture was so creamy I was able to rub it down my hair, and it just melted right in. I was too happy when my hair became moisturized instantly! I was like ” oh snap!”  Imagine me in my kitchen doing the dougie, and my kids looking at me like I done went crazy. Priceless. I’m just happy I finally got me a butter, after all this time.

The butter was applied to freshly washed hair, I will tell you about that new procedure I did as well in another post. My hair really loved this, and I did the LOC method on her. My ends feel so great! I definitely will start back doing the Loc method every night like I did when I first big chopped.

 Products Used 

1. Unrefined Shea Butter

2. Almond Oil

3. Rosemary Oil

4. Castor Oil