Labor Cake To Get Labor Started!

Labor Cake Recipe

-Box of Devil’s Food Cake mix
-1 package chocolate instant pudding
-1 12-oz package chocolate chips
-1 cup sour cream

-Preheat oven to 350.
-Prepare cake mix according to directions on box. Stir in chocolate pudding, sour cream, and chocolate chips.
-Grease two 9 inch round baking pans. Pour mix in pans.

Bake in oven for about 45 minutes to an hour. To be sure cake is done, insert tooth pick in center of cake. It should come out clean when cake is ready.

Ok, ok. I’m getting desperate people. This has been my longest pregnancy ever. The funny thing about this is its also going to be our last. Went to Dr appointment today, and am dilated at a 3. Hopefully this cake starts some labor. I’ve researched all over the net and got mixed reviews. Baking this cake tonight! Wish me luck!


Getting Ready For Baby

Hi everyone!
Wanted to drop in real quick and say I’m doing great. We’re all busy getting ready for our newest arrival to the family. Today I received his Graco crib.  Next is buying the bedding.


Now we’re cooking .All I know is it really just hit me,it’s another baby coming! Will talk to you all soon!

Two Strand Twist Hell?

I’m always hearing people say they can’t get the perfect two strand twist out. That or they don’t like how their twist look enough to wear them outside. Then the first thing they do is start asking other naturals which products are they using for their twist. Honey,it ain’t the product,its your technique. I don’t think no one has ever stated the proper way. Today I’m going to tell ya,and hopefully this is where you were going wrong. Here’s a picture that I found of perfect twist off the internet.


Do you see how each twist is uniform? Bet you shaking your head,because you’ve spent hours trying to get yours like that. It’s OK,it’s OK. First thing is make sure you detangled each section of hair very well. Any kinks will lump up the twist. Be sure to use the same amount of hair for each twist,being lazy sure don’t help. Product that will hold the twist is also a must,don’t forget to seal. Lastly, the most important part,you ready!!?? This will make a world of a difference with your twist and twistouts. TWIST EACH SECTION OF HAIR FROM RIGHT TO LEFT!! Boom! There it is!
I know in the beginning I was guilty of twisting any old kind of way till I noticed that my kids twist always looked better than mine. Go try this out and let me know if it helped.


PopSugar Got A Monthly Box!!

Omg! Look here I don’t care what nobody say I LOVE SOME POPSUGAR!! When I saw that they have a monthly subscription box I went nuts. Here I am getting two monthly subscriptions I don’t even care about anymore when I could be getting this one big fat good one. You all must see this unboxing video I saw on YouTube. This is the best one to me for May because I was excited with them. Take  a look…



Doesn’t this make you want to run and sign up? I know I am! I can’t wait to see June’s box, and to think you are sure to get over $100 in products in each box, guaranteed!

Sign Up Here!




Drug Store Natural Hair Products

Why Hello!

Sitting here in my living room looking at all the women in this swap forum I participate in an idea hit me! A lot of us sleep on products in our ground stores thinking they don’t work, because they aren’t as expensive as other ones we see our natural hair idols using. Bull crap! I happen to use them and the others, and honestly I get better results or the same results as if I payed $18 for a bottle of conditioner. I myself was like that when I first big chopped. I was thinking I had to use all these brands everyone else was using, and was spending tons. It took my mother to ask me why was I spending so much when she use to use these reasonably priced products on my head, and my hair was super healthy. You all should had seen my face when she said that. Yes, she was right.  

Bringing us back to now I’ve decided that all my product reviews will be on products that can be found in Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. Let’s just be truthful with ourselves for a minute. I would rather be spending a bulk of my money on shoes and clothes to look fly in with my hair dos, wouldn’t you? So with this little slap of reality from me, we’re going to start getting it crackin economically. Let’s not hurt our wallets too bad if we don’t have to. 




Cloud Pedicure

This is a little design I did on my 3 year old’s toes today. I painted them white first with NYX Girl white polish.  I made the eyes with black nail art , and her pink designs with Beach Pink by Kiss Nail Paint. It was quick and easy to do, and she loved it.



May Julep Box ” It Girl”

Hey everyone! 
Guess what arrived in my mailbox today!? My second Julep Box! Yay! This month I chose to receive the It Girl Nox because I loved the colors. Here’s what came this month


Colors from left to right
Coco, Ciara, and Paris

I also received 2 white flowered hair pins, and 2 pink flowered ones! The pins were my secret surprise gift from them.  They include one in your box every month. I’m very happy with this box, and don’t see myself canceling anytime soon. Much love!







Clothing For A Great Price!

Hello Free Crew!

I wanted to share this website I was invited to, and thought you all might like it as well. The clothing is colorful, and the headwraps are cute too. Here’s a link so you guys can check it out!



“Oh Snap My Hip Hurts! Maternity Pillow Please!”

I remember laughing at my mom when she would say her hip hurt, and would do this dramatic little walk to be funny. Now I’m the one hunched over looking like I’m about to fall on my face. I’m currently in my sixth month of pregnancy and has been diagnosed with this hip issue that only pregnant women and old people get. Basically my sweet little boy’s head is grinding into mommy’s nerves. and making it hard for me to walk, stand or bend. Yes, my doctor has officially put me on bed rest. Good thing about this is I also get a milkshake daily, and take calcium medication.

Now one problem, why isn’t there any YouTube videos on maternity pillows? I’m seeing everything else about being pregnant, but nothing that matters. SMH! Looks like ya girl will be doing one on mine I purchase today. After reading countless reviews I decided on the Snoogle Total Body Pillow that supports my back, tummy, and hips.

Snoogle  Total Body Pillow

It is also good for your neck, and can be adjusted many different ways. Wish me luck! Be back later on in the week with an update!